Friday, January 28, 2011

Valentine Lolly Pops

Good morning,
  I just came on the computer and saw the lovely messages from my challenges and gee it makes you feel good.  I smiled straight away, because you may not think that your card is that great (and probably, it isn't) but the feedback is always so beautiful and positive.  I would like to thank the organisers of the challenges as they definitely make my day.
  Now onto my Valentine lolly pops, they are oh so cute.  I brought a packet of mini chuppa chumps from the supermarket and made them all last night.  I can't wait to give them away.  I saw them originally on Patti Lee's blog (she is so amazing) and of course, she always give instructions.
This is my take on them.  I did not sponge as Patti did and I also did punch a pink and a red from the lge flower punch (whereas Patti used the lge flower punch for the pink and full heart punch for the red).  It was less work to use the one punch and I think it still came out well.  I also bent the pink flowers towards the lolly to give a more closed look (not that you can really tell in the photo).

Isn't that funny.  I was going to show you the flowers I did from Patti's instructions, and then using the two flower punch but I can't tell from the photo which is which but in the 'real world' you can tell.  I spent more time trying to get the 3/4heart's to sit right, under the pink flower.  Don't let me put you off though, as they are so beautiful.

We have a very overcast day today so my pictures are not as clear as they should be, but here are a couple of the flowers so you can see the stems.  They are so easy, you have to make some, and they were fun to make I will give you some quick instructions, but like I say, if you can't understand them, hop over to Patti's blog.Two punched lge flowers, one is pink pirouette and the other riding hood red (real red)
1" X 3 1/2" old olive card
Punch a hole in the middle of both flowers with the crop-a-dial and clip into the leaves about 1/2", it is only small, to give you a little more to play with (bending etc).  Now would be the time to sponge if you wanted to.
Thread flowers onto stick.  I did not use any sticky to keep the flowers together, as I didn't think you needed it.  Of course it is different if you are using the hearts, as you do need sticky for that, and I did use quite a lot. 
Now take the old olive (stem) and cut strips, on one side, snipping 1/8" along the strip.  You can measure down 1/2" to know where to stop cutting.  But I did it all freehand, just cutting randomly down to where I thought was good enough
Place sticky strip on one side of the card.  And to make the card a little more pliable, wrap around a pencil a few time.  Then using the untapped side start wrapping around the stick, pushing the cuts bits up and around the flower, finally sticking it together.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day...
ps.  sorry I was going to direct you to where the tutorial was, but she has so much on her site, I just don't have time, at the moment.  But she blogged it on 27 Jan 2010.

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