Monday, December 31, 2012

Clearance Rack Blitz

Hi to everyone on the first day of 2013 and just a reminder that the Clearance is still on...

click here to check what is on for the next couple of weeks but you have to get in early.  Hope you are all having a lovely day.
See you soon.


Cannot believe another year has gone by so quickly.  Wishing you and the family a very Happy/Safe/Prosperous/Wonderful New Year

See you all next year xx

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Teacher Christmas Presents

Hello on this hot summery evening,
As I said, here are the presents that we gave to the teachers.
 My favourite angels, yes, a lot of those went out this year, my favourite thing for the year actually.  I made a box for them to go in and some chocolates at the end (always need some chocolate!)
 Sorry, I should have started with this one first, but this is the front cover of the box, looked a little better in person, the colours don't look as good together in this photo!
And lastly my punch art pegs to put up Christmas cards.  I have made a penguin, angel, reindeer, snowman and elf, love them.  I should have made some for us too.
thanks for stopping by......

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Post Christmas Gifts

Yes I know, I am officially the worst.  I keep saying I will get on here and post every day and I don't, truly I don't know where the time goes.   But I did try and post last night but my camera needed charging so I am sorry but I had to do that today and so here I am.
So I told you I would show you what I received from Angie and what I sent her and here it is....
 This is what Angie gave me and I was so surprised, love opening handmade gifts.  Sorry the photo is a little blurry but I do have individual photos
 A very cute card and of course I forgot to send Angie one (mainly because the world is about me, me and me, lol)
 Not a great picture of the box but I love it
 And of course she cased Becky Roberts and I am so glad she did as I have been wanting to make these and didn't, so thank you so much Ange
 I had to show you a pic with the light on, so cute!
 Yet another blurry photo but the next one is better
 Yes that is right, she sent a box full of Christmas lollies, how lovely is that...
 Oh my, I get a Stampin' Up rubbish bin, I scored big time, thank you so much for making my Christmas that little bit more special Ange x
 Now this is what I sent Ange, I know, it pails in comparison but you have to remember it is the thought that counts, lol.  I tried to trick her by putting it in a shortbread tree box and guess what?  She got me.  I talked to Ange a couple of days after she opened my present and she kept saying she was going to make the tree; and me having a very big blonde moment (No I am not blonde, but should be!!!) didn't get what she was referring to.  I was sitting there on the phone racking my brain trying to think of what I had given her.  I know I had given her angels so I just asked her about them and Ange does not know this;  But Christmas day the penny dropped!!!!!!!!!!!   I know, how bad is that!!!!!!!!!
 I made a box and put four angels inside and thought I would decorate with a couple of tags (don't ask me why, just thought it would be a good idea) and used dotto (which of course I didn't tell Ange and should have) so she could peel them off and re-use them.
 The tag and belly band off with the acetate lid
 One Angel and I cased this off a girl from Stampin' Connections (previously mentioned) but I am still unable to find her name - it will happen.  This time I actually put her collar on (seeing it was for Ange) which did dress the angels up
 Oh I forgot to mention that I used the scallop edge on the green/white angel and on this blue one I used my favourite, scallop trim border.  Sorry, the photo did not show it up as well as I hoped!
 I was proud of myself for lining my box, just for something else!
 Oh, here you go, I have tried to show you the scallop trimming.
 Love this box, quick and easy to make with a little tag (I tried to make sure everything was matching)
 And I had to put some chocolates in there, ummmmmm
 Even though this is the hottest, driest time I can remember, I sent Ange some hot chocolate, though Santa did get hot chocolate in our house too.
 A close up of my little ornament and blinge at the bottom of it.....
And last but not least a little box with some malteezers in there.  I will give you directions on all these.  This box is my next favourite thing and I will be making these for Valentine's day, so sweet.
Well, thank you for popping by and tomorrow I will show you what we gave the teachers.....

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
Thank you so much for checking in and seeing what I have been up to (I know it hasn't been much lately but you never know what the New Year has install for you!!!)  I hope you had or are having a lovely day.  We did, it was all about family and I love that.
So what have I got to show you.... I know tomorrow (even though Christmas is over) I will show you what Angie and I gave each other..... but for today... some Christmas ornaments for the tree...
 These are so easy to do and you can pretty much do them with any punch and as thick as you like
 I made similar ones for Halloween, lots of fun to make (sorry about the blurry photo)
 Yes, another blurry photo but a tree ornament, not sure if this is how it should look but at least I tried.
 A pinwheel that I added ribbon to.
And lastly some fortune tellers (love these things) and again I put some ribbon on them and straight to the tree.
Make sure you pop in for a long post tomorrow....
Merry Christmas again and have fun...

Friday, December 21, 2012

Star (Flower) Ornament

We have had another very hot and humid day here today, it is more that we need the rain badly and our poor plants are not coping very well.  So I have been cleaning the house getting ready for Santa to arrive, very exciting when it is only a couple of days away.
Today I have a very cute Christmas decoration to show you and it is so easy to make.  I have made heaps that I have put on to presents.
 You need to make two so you can put them back to front on each other, so cool.
So where did I find this?  Good question.... I will just go and see if I can find it again as they are worth making.  Guess what, I found her, so happy and I have her blog so you can pop over to Sherry for the tutorial.
Okay have a lovely evening/day.....

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Mouse Book Marks

Hello again,
I thought I would do a double post seeing I missed yesterday and I do have a few things to show you.  I made some cute bookmarks for some special children I know and hopefully I will see them using them next year in their reading books...
 Aren't these just the cutest!  These were made using the ornament and owl punch for the face, eyes and nose.  I used the three quarter and half inch for the ears.   I used the square scallop punch for the white of the hat and cut a triangle freehand and added a flower from the itty bitty punches.  I also used magnets inside the bookmark so they slip over the top and of course one of my favourite dsp Christmas packs.
Also in a blue, which I love.  Oh I used the gel pen for the whites of his eyes.
Have a lovely evening/day.....

Reindeer Punch Art

I know, I was going to post every day till Christmas and then a visit to a friend got in the way!!!!  But on to today's project...  I made some punch art Reindeer's that are on numerous sites and so easy to make, love them, they are just so cute
 Mainly made with the owl punch except for the horns which are the leaves from the bird punch and I drew on the mouth.
 A close up of the Reindeer face and of course I picked out the one face that had a wonky eye (trust me, lol)
 A close up of the bag and there is a very cute poem on the net but unfortunately my printer is playing up and I couldn't print it.  I was making lots so didn't feel like hand writing that many..
And here are all my little bags for some work mates.
Thanks for stopping by......

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Angels

I know it has been a while since I last posted and I am sorry.  And then my computer decided to go on the blink and not work for me so hopefully now it will be fine!!!  So here is to posting right up to Christmas.  As you know I have this bad habit of making something and not writing down the name of the person that I cased from (yes, it has happened yet again!).  She posted these on Stampin' Connections and I fell in love with them.  Mine are quite plain and I have made heaps, I absolutely love them.
 Not a great photo but you get the gist.
A few more and they look unbelievable on the Christmas tree.  I will adjust this post when I find her name but I did make mine a little smaller.
1 piece of 6" x 6" and score every 1/4" till the end.  Cut down the middle (on one of the score lines) about a fifth of the way (depends on how small you would like your angle).  Fan fold and tie string (ribbon) just under the cut.  Use red tape (normal tape will just lift because of the weight of the wings) and tape wings to the fold of the dress, keeping one piece of string on either side and run your bead through both pieces and top with a button to hold together.  I double knotted and then knotted at the top for the loop.
So easy and such a cute little gift to give someone.
thanks for stopping by.....