Sunday, February 26, 2012

How About A Little Chickie For Easter

Another overcast but great day today, life can just be so exciting sometimes where you are just so happy to be alive, not that I am always, just some days make you feel like that more than others.  Maybe it has to do with people that you have come into contact with during the day.  I was talking to a very pregnant friend who took two small children to Chili to live, not knowing anyone, just for the adventure.  It was all very exciting talking to her about it, not that I could do it, but never the less it was all very exciting.
So on to my project for the day which is a box with a punch art chicken, which is quite sweet.  The chicken is cased from bommoutford, will have to find it again because I just tried to get you a link and can not find that name at all!!  Truly some days!!!!!!!!!!!  You have no idea how organised I try to be and write down all the names etc to then lose them.  Actually one of the reasons why I like to give some simple directions for everything I make is that; I have gone to links from the blog and they have closed down so I miss out on getting instructions for something that looked so cool.  Anyway, let me just show you the box from chic n' scratch (she has video on bunny box, which is what I used)
 The front of the box
 How cute is the back of this box, love it, lol
 The person I cased the chicken from actually had a mint pattie (we don't have them in Australia and so far I have only seen them on blogs in the US), but any small chocolate would be good.
And a close up of my little guy.
Box first:
2 pices 7" x 5 1/2"  scored 2" on three sides, remembering to keep the length in the box or you could have a squat one!   This is where you will need to go over to Angie's blog or just make the box the way you want as she cuts out bits and pieces and adheres them together.
dsp 3 1/4" x 2 3/4", I also cut so saffron 1/4" bigger as I think it needed that behind it.
Stamp set:  Everybunny
Card:  Very vanilla, dsp - soft subtles, pumpkin pie, basic black and whisper white
Ink:  Summer sun
Acc:  Bright brads
Tools:  1 3/4" scallop circle, sml oval, 3/4" circle and heart to heart punches
Now for some directions for the chick:
Oval punch -Hand cut shape from oval for the beak.
Scallop circle punch -Take orange scallop and cut into middle, then cut off two pieces with 3 scallops in them, these are the feet.  Round off the corners with the corner rounder or by putting it into the circle punch, having the punch facing you.
3/4" circle punch -Sponge 3/4" orange and cut off small piece and attach to bottom of beak
Heart to Heart punch - Use the small full heart (black) cut in half for the eyes and add white gel pen now
Scallop circle punch - Yellow - cut into the circle forming the hair and glue to the back of the face
1 3/4" Yellow circle punch - Face and now you can start adding the bits and pieces to.  Also have another cut out for the back which you will need to add more feet to and a tail, hehehe
That is it, thanks for stopping by..........
ps sorry I just went on u-tube again to try and find the chicken, I will keep looking!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Cool Box For A Special Gift - Some Stampin' Up Products!

It has been raining here all day and apparently we are going to have another 200ml's tonight, fun!  I do love the rain, I love listening to it as I go to sleep, and we have certainly had a bit over the last few days.  On to what I have to show you though.  Again it is another case from Dawn and I think from memory it is a video tutorial, and Dawn did add another dimension to the box that I didn't, well, not yet anyway!

I have made this up for Easter, just getting ahead of myself, hehehe.  I know it looks plain but I like it like that.  Dawn actually cut a No2 box die and put an insert in for separate compartments which I did like too, my next one....
Now for some quick instructions:
Pretty in Pink card - 5 3/4" x 6 3/4"    scored 1" on all 4 sides
dsp - Pretty in pink  -  4 7/8" x 11"   scored 1 1/8", 4 7/8", 6" and 9 7/8"
Fold on score lines and cut two lines to scoring, basically make the bottom of the box adhering it together.
Fold on score lines of the dsp and tape together, easier doing it around the box.
Decorate as desired.
Stamp set:  Everybunny
Ink:  Pretty in pink
Acc:  Ribbon
Tools:  Scallop oval and large oval punches.
have a lovely evening/day...........

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Easter Fancy Fold Card

Afternoon all,
What a lovely cool day today, almost cold, ummmmm.... autumn is on it's way!!!  I cased this from Dawn's Stamping Studio and really like the look, I will try it in different colours and also with a little more colour.... see what you think......
 How cute is this fold, love the look of it
 The inside with plenty of room to write a message
I just opened the card more fully so you could see more clearly.
Stamp set:  Word play and everybunny
Card:  elegant eggplant and whisper white
Ink:  So saffron, elegant eggplant and old olive
A few quick instructions:
Card - purple   -  3 3/4" x 3 3/4"
         - Whisper white   3 1/2" x 3 1/2" both these are for inside the card
Elegant eggplant  4 1/4" x 4 1/4", whisper white will be attached to this
Whisper white  2 pieces cut at 4" x 8 1/8"  score at 2" from both ends on both pieces.  Fold score lines and put one piece inside the other, adhering in place.  Fold into each other and decorate.
thanks for stopping by and have a good night/day......

6" x 6" Cute Basket/Box

Good evening,
Sorry, we had a big storm here last night and it was big so I couldn't use the computer, actually couldn't use it even if I wanted to.  We lost power from 4pm till 8.30 pm and then again another couple of times during the night.  it was very amazing and the lightening display was spectacular.  But now on to my project I want to show you.....

I am so mad at myself.  When I go on U-tube I forget to write down instructions etc because I just copy of what is on the screen and now I can't find the person I cased these from.  I did just go on to u-tube but still can't find her.  I need to get better at writing information down.  I do still remember the instructions but I would have loved to give you the link, I will keep looking, promise.
Anyway it was a piece of 6" x 6" dsp or card (I used bold bright dsp)  scored at 2" and 4", turn and score the same again.  Now here domes the tricky bit because normally you just make the box but this time when you fold the score lines instead of making the score lines go on the inside (as you would normally do) do it on the outside and then fold over, which gives this gorgeous look above.  Tomorrow I promise to keep looking but if you need any more instructions or would like me to do a tutorial just let me know.
Stamp set:   Everybunny
Card:  Melon mambo and dsp bold brights melon mambo
Ink;  Various colours
Acc:  Brads
thanks for stopping by and have a good night......

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bunny On A Box

Hi all,
Sorry I haven't been on for a few days but life gets so hectic at different times.  So today I have an Easter nugget box to show you that I cased from Chic n' Scratch, Angie is on my favourites and I check in to see what she is doing, almost daily!  The funny looking bunny on the top of the box comes from another site and do you think I wrote down the name, no!  I will find it though..........
 These are like matchbox boxes but made from scratch.  Angie gives full explanations on how to make these on her blog.
 Some quick instructions on how to make these:
 Dsp: 5 1/8" x 3 1/16"   score all four sides 1/2", 2 1/4", 2 6/8", 4 1/2" and 5"
Card: 5 1/4" x 3 3/4"  score all four sides at 1/2" and 1 1/8"  I would still check out Angie's tutorial as you need to cut off the corners and then some but for other seasoned crafters, you probably worked that out for yourself anyway, lol.
Stamp set: Teeny Tiny sentiments
Card:  Rich razelberry, dsp brights
Ink:  Rich razelberry
And here is the cute but different bunny using Whisper white and dsp - brights
Tools:  1 3/4", 3/4" 1/2" ans small oval punches, oh and crop-a-dial for the eyes

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Top Note Booklet for Easter or a Little Gift

Morning all,
Sorry I didn't post last night, too tired to think straight, but today I have a cute top note book to show you.  I cased this from dawns stamping thoughts and think it is such a versatile book as you can write quotes on the pages, just stamp or add photos.  I love it.  I have made one already for Easter and then just a general one, ready for when I need it.  So easy to do and she has a great tutorial on her site....
 So here is my Easter one using lucky limeade, love that colour...
 I stamped all the inside pages with pictures and a saying, all ready to go...
 Ready for a birthday, just need to add a few pictures....
The two books together, how cool do they look?
I'll just give you a few quick instructions but check out Dawn's blog for more details.  I always try and add instructions as I always want them straight away myself, lol.
Card - 4 1/4" x 11"   scored at 5 1/2", 5 3/4", 6" and then score at 5 1/4"and 5 ".  I don't know why Dawn did it that way but she probably explained that at the time!
5 pieces of whisper white  3" x 7"    scored at 3 1/2" (I only used 4 as I think that is all it needed), add sticky stip to the edges of all four sheets (only at the bottom of one side as these will be put into the cover, adhering to the mountain, valley folds.
Decorate and the book is finished.
Stamp set:  Word play and everybunny
Card:  Lucky limeade and whisper white
Ink:  Various colours and lucky limeade
Tools:  3/45", 1" and 1 1/8" punches.  Couldn't do without my punches, lol
thanks for stopping by.......

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines For 2012

Wow, Valentine over for the year and what a fun day.  I love Valentines, just the act of giving and I always make sure it is homemade so it is an act, not just buying for the sake of it. 
Creamy is all good by the way, survived the night and back to his usual self.  Though that goanna did rip into his beak, because he is pecking food you can really see it has come off a little more, anyway he is all good.
So tonight I am showing you some not pads I decorated with pens on the side.

I actually received a smaller version at Regionals a couple of years ago and only finally got around to making these ones.  Such cute little presents to give for no particular reason, hehehe.
I just measured my book and cut out the card, leaving enough room to turn over at the back and then decorated the front using the top note die, big shot and Vintage vogue stamp set.  Then I cut a little extra card to wrap around the pen and adhere to the back of the book.  I did cut some extra card then (and using the same border  punch) scalloped the edge so the back and front matched.  Sorry, I didn't take a picture of this!
Happy Valentines again and thanks for stopping by.....

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Eve

Hi all,
I know how funny is that, but on the news and talk shows they have been talking about Valentine Eve!  I think that is so funny, hehehe.  Anyway we didn't have a very good day, my little one stayed home from school today but I had to run a few errands and when we returned home my little one comes running into the house (rooster tucked under his arm) crying yelling that Creamy has blood on him.  At first I just brushed it off but on better inspection I could see that his beak had been broken so I rang my sister-in-law (lucky for me she is a vet) to ask what I should do.  He has quite a few other marks on him and after talking to her I realised the poor thing must have been protecting his hens from a goanna (yes, we have a very big goanna that I have seen in their run once and he is big).  So my gorgeous rooster got badly hurt trying to protect his girls.  Breaks my heart and I am so scared we will go out there tomorrow and he won't be alive.  Apparently goanna's eat lots of dead animals so they can carry bacteria.  My poor rooster moped around a lot today, usually he is so vigilant, watching everywhere all the time but today he was laying down a bit and a couple of times even closed his eyes.
I just had to tell you because I never wanted pets but of course you have kids and you have to have pets and low and behold you fall in love with them.  Unfortunately I had a hen sitting on over 30 eggs and I can only assume the goanna got into them because she went down to 9, so apparently it knows where to get a quick easy feed!!!!!!
Anyway enough about my sad story, Valentine's day tomorrow and I am sending in those hearts I showed you the other night.  So I thought tonight I would show you the extra I put with the hearts, just for my son's teacher.  Some yummy melting moments too......
I used a top note die and the full heart and heart to heart punches to finish off the packet of biscuits.
Hope you have a lovely day and everyone gets some flowers, love flowers, lol.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Origami Heart for Valentines

Hi all,
I have lost the Mojo.  I want to craft tonight but can't find the motivation for it (actually that has been happening all week!!!!!!!!!!!)  Where does it go????  Tonight I am showing you what I made at our Monday fun day, and lucky for me none of my son's teachers look at my blog because this is also their Valentine presents.  I will be making a couple more and I realised today that I probably needed to add a little more decoration to the gift (you will see what I mean soon!).  I read a comment the other day about how gorgeous Becky Roberts packaging is and that is definately an area I lack and will have to work on a little more.  But for now........
 This is an origami heart that I absolutely love.  I took the pink one on Monday to show the girls and it was fun explaining all the twists and turns but Georgie came up with just putting a brad through the heart and ribbon (that is doubled over).  I like that much better.  The link is at the end of the post for the heart.  I have never referred a you tube before so if it doesn't come up for you, just let me know.
For this one I have used the sewing machine and stitched them together leaving a gap and enough room at the top to loop over and knot so that it can be hung on a wall.  They look so cute.  The ones in the packet also have some beading attached so that it adds a bit of weight.  See what I mean about the packaging.  I was very happy with my efforts but now I know I need to add more.
Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely evening/day........
Sorry my link is not working so I am trying to put it here

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Monday Fun Filled Crafting With Friends

Hello all,
I caught up with some wonderful friends on Monday and we had the best time doing make and takes and giggling, lots of giggling.  It has been quite a while since I have been able to catch up with the girls as I had Tafe and no spare time to go to one of the Stampin' Up days, until now, that is.  Such wonderful positive energy and gushing over products that you are not trying to sell to anyone, just gushing!!!  So I bet you would like to see what we made, now I was feeling very rushed for no particular reason and made lots of mistakes on my cards but I am not going to point them out, just want you to know, lol.
So the first card:
 This gorgeous certainly celery, pink pirouette card is by Heather (loving those colours together)
 Lovely simple technical (blocking) card by Jo (name on my list of friends to the right)
 Another lovely card by Robyn (blog on the sidebar), love this paper so much but also saw the spice dsp from the mini catalogue and absolutely love that!
 And Julia, fearless leader that she is (her blog on the sidebar)
 And the inside
And last but not least (where I found out how gorgeous the dsp is) is Gordie's card.  How talented are these ladies?  There were a few other girls missing in action but hopefully next time.
I am going to show you my make and take tomorrow night.  I was very impressed with it until I saw these cards but that is the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.  Don't worry I am going to have an amazing Easter 3D at the next one, I am working on it.  You are dying to see what I made now aren't you, well you will have to wait till tomorrow, hehehe......
have a lovely night and thanks for stopping by.........

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Easter Tent Card

Hope everyone is well, I have had such a busy enjoyable day today and loved every minute of it.  Nothing better than being busy.  And tonight I have this gorgeous tent card I found on Splitcoast Stampers, great site to visit for lots of tutorials and inspirational pictures.  This is the first time I have made a tent card and I really loved it.
 How cute is the front of this card.
 Side view from one angle and....
Side view from another angle.  I will definately be making more, lol.
Some quick instructions:
Piece of card:  4 1/4" x 8 1/2"  scored in half at 4 1/4"
Piece of same colour card:  4 1/4" x 4" (stand)  scored 1", 2", 3" on the 4" side
Two pieces of 4" square dsp
Adhere one piece of dsp to card front and using your circle scissors or nestabilities cut a window.  Cut a piece a little bigger than your shape to make a frame.  You can put whatever you want on the front of the card, ocean scene, bush etc, I've used grass, just by cutting little strips with my scissors.
Stamp and cut out an image and adhere or suspend with cotton depending on what look you want.  Adhere the other piece of dsp to the inside of the card and add another shape to the back of the card, basically decorate before putting your card together.
Take your 4 1/4" x 4" and fold on score lines - center fold has to go up and the two outside folds need to be facing down, adhere to the inside of the card to get your stand.  If you ever need more instructions or would like me to do a picture tutorial just let me know.
Stamp set:  Everybunny
Card:  Whisper white, dsp - soft subtles, certainly celery and marina mist
Ink:  Chocolate chip and watercolour pencils
Acc:  Rhinestones
Tools:  Big shot, nestabilities, modern label punch and word window punch.
have a lovely evening.........

Monday, February 6, 2012

Yet Another Lolly Holder

Hi, hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  It was so beautiful, I even managed to get some gardening done!!  Anyway, on to today's post.  I cased Gretchen Barron with her tube gift card holder.  She has instructions on her blog but I will give a couple of quick ones at the end of the post.

I am so loving the everybunny stamp set, just so sweet.
Card - 3 1/2" x 12"  scored at 4 1/4", 8 1/2",  scoring two extra lines (off the 4 1/4") at 5/16", fold and cut between the score lines to create a pocket for the lollies (I used mini m & m's but would widen the opening next time to fit other packets of lollies). 
Start at the 8 1/2" and cut on the fold 1 1/2" from the top and then across the card to create a pocket.  Tape the pocket down and decorate as desired.
Stamp set:  Everybunny
Card:  Baja breeze and whisper white
Ink:  Chocolate chip and watercolour pencils
Tools:  Wide oval punch and modern label and word window punches
thanks for stopping by..........

Friday, February 3, 2012

Easter Flap Card

Evening all,
I thought I would give you a break from all the 3D and post a card instead.  It is not a normal card though and I cased it from Maria, she has an amazing amount of tutorials which are all really great.  The beauty with this card is that Maria gives you the template as well so there is no second guessing so pop over to her site to see her amazing card.  But for now here is mine.....
 I was trying to keep with the Valentine theme but couldn't help but throw in this gorgeous card...  How gorgeous is the front and it stays together really well.
 You could put more on the sides, there is major potential but I left it plain.
And finally the inside, which again can be decorated but I have left plain.
Stamp set:  Everybunny
Card:  Riding hood red, dsp - greenhouse gala and very vanilla
Ink:  Chocolate chip and riding hood red
Acc:  Brads
Tools:  Scallop circle punch, boho blossom and itty bitty shapes punch pack.
thanks for stopping by.......

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentine Smarty (M & M) Holder

This is my second post for the day seeing I missed yesterday, too hot and too tired!!!!  So now I have a smarty (m & m) holder/fizzers, I think I would need to adjust the size as you will see.  I would like the slits to be a little bigger to fit lollies into.  I cased this from an unknown source.  I am trying to always be very good with this but I have written the instructions and unfortunately I didn't write a name!

 Some quick instructions:
Card - pumpkin pie  -    3 1/2: x 4 3/4"   scored 2 1/8", 2 5/8" and 3 1/8",  fold on all score lines
fold in half and cut 2 slits (to the score line) -  stick tape to back of score line (not taping down middle where lollies fit through).
Decorate as desired.
Stamp set:  Tiny tags
Card:  pumpkin pie and dsp retired
Ink:  Groovy guava
Tools:  Heart to heart punch
thanks for stopping by.......

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Different Post-it Note Holder

Hi everyone,
Starting to become another very hot, muggy day here.  I know there are so many post-it note holders out there but I keep coming across different ones all the time and I like to try them all.  I cased this one from Tammy (Fun Paper Candy Demos), very sweet.  I went out of my comfort zone and used a colour I am not crazy on but keep ordering for some reason - cajian craze!!
 I put calendars on the front cover so it can remind you of the date and then you can write the note.  I thought these would be great little presents.
 Just showing the inside of the books with he ribbon to tie them up.
 I'm loving this stamp set.
And another inside where you can also write a short note.
Stamp set:  Faith in nature (hostess set), Under the big top.
Card:  Cajian craze, basic black, pumpkin pie, lucky limeade and whisper white.
Ink:  Chocolate chip, watercolour pencils and groovy guava.
Acc:  Ribbon
Tools:  Crop-a-dial, scallop edge punch and scallop edge border punch.
thanks for stopping by.......