Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Eve

Hi all,
I know how funny is that, but on the news and talk shows they have been talking about Valentine Eve!  I think that is so funny, hehehe.  Anyway we didn't have a very good day, my little one stayed home from school today but I had to run a few errands and when we returned home my little one comes running into the house (rooster tucked under his arm) crying yelling that Creamy has blood on him.  At first I just brushed it off but on better inspection I could see that his beak had been broken so I rang my sister-in-law (lucky for me she is a vet) to ask what I should do.  He has quite a few other marks on him and after talking to her I realised the poor thing must have been protecting his hens from a goanna (yes, we have a very big goanna that I have seen in their run once and he is big).  So my gorgeous rooster got badly hurt trying to protect his girls.  Breaks my heart and I am so scared we will go out there tomorrow and he won't be alive.  Apparently goanna's eat lots of dead animals so they can carry bacteria.  My poor rooster moped around a lot today, usually he is so vigilant, watching everywhere all the time but today he was laying down a bit and a couple of times even closed his eyes.
I just had to tell you because I never wanted pets but of course you have kids and you have to have pets and low and behold you fall in love with them.  Unfortunately I had a hen sitting on over 30 eggs and I can only assume the goanna got into them because she went down to 9, so apparently it knows where to get a quick easy feed!!!!!!
Anyway enough about my sad story, Valentine's day tomorrow and I am sending in those hearts I showed you the other night.  So I thought tonight I would show you the extra I put with the hearts, just for my son's teacher.  Some yummy melting moments too......
I used a top note die and the full heart and heart to heart punches to finish off the packet of biscuits.
Hope you have a lovely day and everyone gets some flowers, love flowers, lol.

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