Wednesday, February 22, 2012

6" x 6" Cute Basket/Box

Good evening,
Sorry, we had a big storm here last night and it was big so I couldn't use the computer, actually couldn't use it even if I wanted to.  We lost power from 4pm till 8.30 pm and then again another couple of times during the night.  it was very amazing and the lightening display was spectacular.  But now on to my project I want to show you.....

I am so mad at myself.  When I go on U-tube I forget to write down instructions etc because I just copy of what is on the screen and now I can't find the person I cased these from.  I did just go on to u-tube but still can't find her.  I need to get better at writing information down.  I do still remember the instructions but I would have loved to give you the link, I will keep looking, promise.
Anyway it was a piece of 6" x 6" dsp or card (I used bold bright dsp)  scored at 2" and 4", turn and score the same again.  Now here domes the tricky bit because normally you just make the box but this time when you fold the score lines instead of making the score lines go on the inside (as you would normally do) do it on the outside and then fold over, which gives this gorgeous look above.  Tomorrow I promise to keep looking but if you need any more instructions or would like me to do a tutorial just let me know.
Stamp set:   Everybunny
Card:  Melon mambo and dsp bold brights melon mambo
Ink;  Various colours
Acc:  Brads
thanks for stopping by and have a good night......

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