Saturday, January 19, 2013

Valentine Window Box

We have had another hot day today but at least there was a lovely breeze.  So today's post is a Valentine box that was made to go with this envelope card (where I can also put quite a few pictures - I have posted this one earlier).  I have been going through my stash and making that something extra to go with previously made things.  I followed a tutorial for this from Gretchen Barron, dated back in October 2001.
 The front view with heart cup and heart tags
 The back view, I have a ribbon wrapped around a brad to keep it closed.  All four flaps folded down and I wanted to do something extra with them....
 Top has a flower on top for my Mum
 Open the first flap and there is somewhere to write or put a little picture
 Second flap up and another place for photo or message
The last flap I left bare and used a 3/4" circle punch to punch half a circle to lift flap easily.  So now I just need to get the photos together over the next few weeks.
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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Back to School Chocolate Pencils

My computer is playing up again today, I suppose it is a couple of years old now!!!  I was going to show you another Valentine project I made but it is also only another couple of weeks away for school so I thought I would make my son's teachers (ex and present) a present.  I have seen these on heaps of blogs, starting off with Lorri's blog and then on Pintrest.
I had a friend come and play for the day and this is one thing she wanted to make (as she had seen them on Pintrest and loved them too) so I finally got to make these and every child that has come into my house has picked them up and wanted one.  I swear they will go to school with lots of dirty finger prints on them!!
The bottom one is my first attempt with a milky way bar, just had to make one before my friend got here.  Then she bought dairy roll ups and kisses and then we had some fun.
I rolled the chocolate on a ruler to see how wide I needed to make it (just in case yours is a different size). These worked out :-
yellow card - 5 1/4" x 3 1/8" or 12 1/2cm x 8 cm, put some score marks on it as that makes them look cool
pink card - 1 1/2cm x 8 cm and sorry I forgot to work out how many inches that was but the 3 1/8" is equal to 8 cm. Don't score this one as that is the rubber.  I then used a 3/4" punch for the bottom.  I used the glue gun to hold this all together.  Then of course the Hershey kiss on the tip and I made some little tags and a glitter love heart on them.
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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Valentine Heart

I am going to show you the most gorgeous heart today.  Brenda (Qbees Quest) came up with these.  I really wanted to make the Christmas tree she designed as well and I did make it, just couldn't find any chocolates to fit in there.  Well I could make the hearts because we now have Hershey kisses here in Australia, in Woolies.  I love our chocolate heaps more but unless you're going to sit there and make heaps of drops the easier option is to buy a packet of kisses.  So here is my cute heart, did make half a dozen, just forgot to take a picture of them all....
These are so incredibly easy to make so pop over to Brenda's blog where she has a great tutorial to follow.
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Monday, January 14, 2013

My Second Present From Angie and Sneak Peak at Salebration

Hi everyone,
So here is my second installment of Christmas presents from Angie, she definitely spoilt me this year!!!
 A handmade envelope (which I love) and cards

 These cards are also show casing one of the sale-a-bration sets

Thank you again Angie and thank you everyone for popping in, have a lovely day.....

Friday, January 11, 2013

Birds To Put Around Your Flowers

Well we just lost another chicken tonight, those wild dogs/dingoes are so quick you don't even know they are there.  I can't help but feel very sad and deflated!!
On to another topic, I have these very cute birds to show you that I found on this blog and all it requires you to do, is to cut out the bird yourself and then make the legs.  They are awesome, actually I found her on pintrest, I am on there quite a lot now, so many good ideas.
My first one and I had some problems getting him to stand up on his own.
So cute
I'm liking this colour as well
Pretty soft pink
And around the flowers I made, looks good hey....
And another picture for luck.
So I just made my own template for the bird and used the blossom petal builder for the wings and a little scrap for his beak and black writing pen for his eyes.  The hardest part is getting the legs to work.
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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Origami Flower Tutorial

Hi everyone,
I am beside myself trying to make flowers and I am not very good with origami so to make one flower can take me all day, I did make two today though which I will show you tomorrow.  For today's post I have these origami flowers to show you and once you have done a couple, these ones are easy and especially if you use the hot glue gun (just do a few testers, if you are not use to it but I tell you it is so much quicker and easier).  There are lots of tutorials on the net and I did make one of these about three years ago but at that stage thought they were too labour intensive!!  But my new favourite blog made me want to make them again.
 So this is my vase of flowers, I thought I should make up a whole heap and when a birthday comes up, I can just grab out half a dozen and wrap them in tissue paper.  That happened to me a lot last year where I forgot birthdays and had to quickly put something together.
 So, I started off with a piece of 3" x 3" and folded it diagonally.  You will need 5 pieces of 3 x 3
 Then fold the two ends into the middle
 Open one end and squash on the diagonal
 Just like this
 Do both sides and then fold down the flaps
 Like this
 Fold over the outsides into a triangle, as above, and (I missed a step here!!) glue the two sides evenly together.  This makes one petal.  Sorry for some reason I forgot to take pictures of this stage.  I have seen the flowers standing with floral wire (and I did buy some yesterday) but again, I used skewers
 This one is using the 5 leaf flower punch
 Side view
 This one uses a scallop circle punch and I only used it on this one, I didn't like it much.
 I also added some extra leaves to bring the green up the flower, for a couple of them
My finished product.  Any questions don't hesitate to get in contact with me.
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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rolled Flowers, The Perfect Gift

Hi all,
I am so sorry I haven't posted much, it has just been hard to sit down and craft and then when I do I can't find the time to post but I will assure you I have been on a mission and even made a couple of Valentine things to show you (later of course) as I have these beautiful flowers that I absolutely love and can't get enough of.  Most of you have probably made little ones that you have put on cards or scrap booking pages but I saw these (big) and fell in love. And I have fallen in love with this site Tipnut but if you are interested in making these rolled flowers you will find them here.  Now to show you my floral arrangement!!

And I need to work on mine more to get them looking as beautiful as the ones I have seen.  They use floral wire but I used one piece and my flower kept falling over so I used skewers instead, I just need to finish off the backs a little better.  I also used the glue gun and will be using that a lot more in the future as it is SO much easier to use than tape etc.
I did try and post last night but my computer  wasn't letting me download my photo's so a friend suggested I go on Firefox and WOLLA, (don't know if that is how you spell it but I'm sure you know what I mean, hehehe.
Oh this is a great way to use up all those pieces of pattern paper lying around.
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Thursday, January 3, 2013

More Deals For You

Good morning,
This is definitely the time for deals and here is another one that I love and it means you can get ready for Valentine day now...

click on here for a look at the stamp set (so cute).
And don't forget the clearance is still running into week 3...

click here for new week clearance, I must warn you things are selling fast!
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