Monday, June 10, 2013

Activity Folder/Gift

Good evening,
Well nothing like a long weekend to spend a little time crafting.  I did get three projects finished that I had started a while ago and this is my first one:
 An activity book that Lisa Andrews very kindly provided a tutorial for.  I am still not sure about the front of the book and will probably add a sentiment as well...
 The inside (sorry I have used quite a bit of retired dsp but I decided I really need to get rid of that first before I buy anymore).  I love this inside; two small activity books or photo albums as I did use card and then a place for a small book!!  But again I am going to put a few cards inside and give it to a friend as I think it will make a sweet gift...
Just showing you the little books open.
Well I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and ready to get back into the working week!!!
thanks for stopping by......

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sick, Sick, Sick... The Perfect Wallet For It!

Good evening,
I don't know how you spent Mothers Day but I did some crafting and went on one of my favourite blogs, Sabine's blog.  Love her and everything she makes.  So this is what I made....
 Now I am already for winter.  Sabine has a great tutorial on how to make them.  I have now given two away as I think they are the cutest present.  The only problem is that our tissues are bigger!  The newspaper print is the same size as Sabine's and the other two are slightly different sizes as I had two different packs of tissues but it really isn't that hard to just add a little extra length to most of your paper.
 The decoration inside, holding tissues, lollies and a tea bag
 closer look at the sentiment
 Now you can see what is inside
 On to newspaper print

And the look at the back.  So easy to make you will want to make heaps.
Thanks for stopping by.......

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day
I hope everyone has had a lovely Mothers Day.  I had my cup of tea in bed and that made me extremely happy.  It is always the small things isn't it!!  I just loved it and of course I got some little gifts from the school stall which were lovely.  A friend and I made these with the class, which I absolutely love.  I think she found them on pinterest but I am not sure.  Of course when I got home I made some (three) for my Mum and then some for me (because I love them so much).  They would even be great as Christmas presents.  I am in love with these pots.....
 A couple of rolled flowers using Stampin' Up dsp, Christmas pack though you wouldn't know it!
 A closer look.  I did use the glue gun to adhere the raffia and flowers
 And what good is a message without a drawing, even if you have to do it yourself!
 I forgot to mention that they are chalk board painted so we can write messages on there all the time.
I had bought these flowers for myself and even though they look gorgeous is the pot I am not sure if I am going to put herbs or flowers in them!!!  Decisions, decisions....
Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely rest of your day....

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Decadent Birthday Cake and Box of Cards

Evening all,
I know, I know, two days in a row, who would have ever thought that would happen again.  I do have things to show you but like I said I misplace instructions and I do always want to share those with you.  So on to what I am showing you now..
A birthday cake I made for a friend.  I have found this amazing site and this woman makes the most amazing sweets.  My mouth was salivating as I looked through the pages.  This is no where as nice but I was impressed with myself and her icing tastes like mock cream which was very easy to spread and to keep its shape.  Make sure you have a look by clicking here.
This is what I gave to Roylee
 A box of cards and I will try and post instructions over the next few days.  I did manage to get the box out of a piece of A4 by adding a little extra to the front of the box for the lip to tuck behind the flower.
 Some cards for the males

 Kids cards, I know.  I could have made them with more colour but at the time I was going for the plain for affect but after I wasn't so sure that that was the affect I was really after.

 And of course some girlie cards.  I love this stamp set and was so happy to use it again.  I did case quite a few of these cards off pinterest and when I find the names (yes that is right, they are tucked away somewhere - just wanted to get them up for you!!!) I will let you know.

Sorry, it looks like I have two photos of the same cards but when I try and delete one, it won't let me.
thanks for stopping by and have a lovely night.....

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tags for a Friend

Hi again,
Yes two in one night but I had to finish off with something other than Easter so I wanted to show you these tags I made up for a friend for her birthday.  I am always looking for tags and think other people are probably doing the same thing so I made her half a dozen male and half a dozen female ones.  Quick and simple using a piece of A4 and cutting them 2" wide and trimming of two ends.
 I love the beautiful wings embosslits folder and use it all the time.  Another favourite is the itty bitty shapes punch pack, these punches are just the right size for flowers.
 Two retired sets but I can't bare to part with them so expect them to pop up every so often.
Thanks for stopping by again, lol.....

Boxed Easter Goodies for Easter Tree

Hi all,
Well I have finally got my act into gear to do another post.  My Easter tree I promised with the boxes of decorations I have made up, ready to give out next year.  Unfortunately I am only showing you two of the five boxes that I made as the other three are still waiting for decorations!!!!  I know, but these were very time consuming to make.
 Unfortunately not a great photo and the branches were a bit iffy!  I have the pink box I previously showed you and one of the new boxes with all the bits and pieces on the tree.
 Box number one decorated, I wanted to keep it clean and crisp for Easter.
 The flight of the butterflies.
 A closer look at the boxes.
The top of the tree.
I know we are a way off Easter but I put so much time and effort into these I just thought I should show you.  I have also been busy making presents for friends and teachers so I will be posting those as soon as I can.  I try and write directions for everything I do and I do have the box instructions, just not that happy with them but if you would like them just let me know.
Thanks for stopping by and I promise there will be no more Easter creations this year.
Have a lovely night........

Friday, April 26, 2013

Easter Presents Boxes For The Easter Tree

Hello finally,
I have been busy with back to school and you wouldn't believe it, but I have finally finished off my Easter boxes so I will show you those in the next couple of days.  Goodness knows what I have done with the directions but I am not entirely happy with the outcome anyway!
So tonight I am showing you what came inside the box and my very first box and then next time I will show you the five other boxes I have made (all ready for teacher presents for next year) and the Easter tree I decorated though the sticks weren't as good as last time!!
 So these are some ovals that I embossed with our folders (because they are eggs that will be dangling off the branches - just in case you couldn't tell!!!) And of course some beautiful ribbon to finish them off.
 A different angle, as you can see I love these....
 I did put eyelets to help protect the card from tearing even though there are two thicknesses.
 my ribbon decoration to weave all over the tree
 This is what I did - a flower on the front one and glued them together with the ribbon in between so they would hold nicely.
 One more look, because you haven't had enough yet.....
 Some flowers from the big flower punch and then some little ones for the middle from the boho blossom punch and I used my paper piercer for the holes and to help push the ribbon through
 My butterflies from the bigshot
 and some smaller butterflies using the smaller big shot folder
 I wanted a couple of smaller flowers so I used the 5 petal punch and this time I didn't use any ribbon, I thought I would put them over some thin branches.
 My first box with decoration on the front and using window sheets.
 A closer look at the top of the box.
And yet another one.
So finally my box.
Thank you so much for stopping by....