Thursday, May 9, 2013

Decadent Birthday Cake and Box of Cards

Evening all,
I know, I know, two days in a row, who would have ever thought that would happen again.  I do have things to show you but like I said I misplace instructions and I do always want to share those with you.  So on to what I am showing you now..
A birthday cake I made for a friend.  I have found this amazing site and this woman makes the most amazing sweets.  My mouth was salivating as I looked through the pages.  This is no where as nice but I was impressed with myself and her icing tastes like mock cream which was very easy to spread and to keep its shape.  Make sure you have a look by clicking here.
This is what I gave to Roylee
 A box of cards and I will try and post instructions over the next few days.  I did manage to get the box out of a piece of A4 by adding a little extra to the front of the box for the lip to tuck behind the flower.
 Some cards for the males

 Kids cards, I know.  I could have made them with more colour but at the time I was going for the plain for affect but after I wasn't so sure that that was the affect I was really after.

 And of course some girlie cards.  I love this stamp set and was so happy to use it again.  I did case quite a few of these cards off pinterest and when I find the names (yes that is right, they are tucked away somewhere - just wanted to get them up for you!!!) I will let you know.

Sorry, it looks like I have two photos of the same cards but when I try and delete one, it won't let me.
thanks for stopping by and have a lovely night.....

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