Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine Gifts For Friends

Hi all,
I am so sorry I am so slack these days, I keep thinking I will get better but my mind is on work and family and for some reason craft is coming a distant third.  Don't worry it is still on the radar, I just need to move it up a notch.
So how many people are on pinterest, one of my all time go to sites now when I need some inspiration, still love my blogs though.  I seem to be doing more looking than doing but as we know, that can all change in an instant!!
So I have been making some little Valentine gifts to give friends and thought I would share them as it is only a couple of days away now.
How cute is this, love it.  So far I have only made three but I am going to buy some more tomorrow to do up.  I think a lot of my friends will appreciate this!!
Love the saying that someone made up (I found this on pinterest).  I seriously like you (oh yeah)
Another shot at a different angle.  I so love these.
My son and I have been buying kit kat mint bars (very nyceeeee) so I decided to get a couple to give to a few special friends.  I measured the chocolate and then cut a slightly smaller piece of card to go inside with the ribbon so it can be pulled out.  If you would like instructions just let me know and I will write them up for you.
The roses I had made a while back and posted, thought I would put them to good use....
The bar pulled out so you can see.
A closer view.
Thanks for stopping by and I will try and post again very soon.
Have a lovely day...