Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Back to School Chocolate Pencils

My computer is playing up again today, I suppose it is a couple of years old now!!!  I was going to show you another Valentine project I made but it is also only another couple of weeks away for school so I thought I would make my son's teachers (ex and present) a present.  I have seen these on heaps of blogs, starting off with Lorri's blog and then on Pintrest.
I had a friend come and play for the day and this is one thing she wanted to make (as she had seen them on Pintrest and loved them too) so I finally got to make these and every child that has come into my house has picked them up and wanted one.  I swear they will go to school with lots of dirty finger prints on them!!
The bottom one is my first attempt with a milky way bar, just had to make one before my friend got here.  Then she bought dairy roll ups and kisses and then we had some fun.
I rolled the chocolate on a ruler to see how wide I needed to make it (just in case yours is a different size). These worked out :-
yellow card - 5 1/4" x 3 1/8" or 12 1/2cm x 8 cm, put some score marks on it as that makes them look cool
pink card - 1 1/2cm x 8 cm and sorry I forgot to work out how many inches that was but the 3 1/8" is equal to 8 cm. Don't score this one as that is the rubber.  I then used a 3/4" punch for the bottom.  I used the glue gun to hold this all together.  Then of course the Hershey kiss on the tip and I made some little tags and a glitter love heart on them.
thanks for stopping by and have a good one....

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