Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Origami Flower Tutorial

Hi everyone,
I am beside myself trying to make flowers and I am not very good with origami so to make one flower can take me all day, I did make two today though which I will show you tomorrow.  For today's post I have these origami flowers to show you and once you have done a couple, these ones are easy and especially if you use the hot glue gun (just do a few testers, if you are not use to it but I tell you it is so much quicker and easier).  There are lots of tutorials on the net and I did make one of these about three years ago but at that stage thought they were too labour intensive!!  But my new favourite blog made me want to make them again.
 So this is my vase of flowers, I thought I should make up a whole heap and when a birthday comes up, I can just grab out half a dozen and wrap them in tissue paper.  That happened to me a lot last year where I forgot birthdays and had to quickly put something together.
 So, I started off with a piece of 3" x 3" and folded it diagonally.  You will need 5 pieces of 3 x 3
 Then fold the two ends into the middle
 Open one end and squash on the diagonal
 Just like this
 Do both sides and then fold down the flaps
 Like this
 Fold over the outsides into a triangle, as above, and (I missed a step here!!) glue the two sides evenly together.  This makes one petal.  Sorry for some reason I forgot to take pictures of this stage.  I have seen the flowers standing with floral wire (and I did buy some yesterday) but again, I used skewers
 This one is using the 5 leaf flower punch
 Side view
 This one uses a scallop circle punch and I only used it on this one, I didn't like it much.
 I also added some extra leaves to bring the green up the flower, for a couple of them
My finished product.  Any questions don't hesitate to get in contact with me.
Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day.....

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  1. They turned out great Honey.....I struggle to make decent flowers myself..LOL, I 'll leave it up to you!