Friday, January 11, 2013

Birds To Put Around Your Flowers

Well we just lost another chicken tonight, those wild dogs/dingoes are so quick you don't even know they are there.  I can't help but feel very sad and deflated!!
On to another topic, I have these very cute birds to show you that I found on this blog and all it requires you to do, is to cut out the bird yourself and then make the legs.  They are awesome, actually I found her on pintrest, I am on there quite a lot now, so many good ideas.
My first one and I had some problems getting him to stand up on his own.
So cute
I'm liking this colour as well
Pretty soft pink
And around the flowers I made, looks good hey....
And another picture for luck.
So I just made my own template for the bird and used the blossom petal builder for the wings and a little scrap for his beak and black writing pen for his eyes.  The hardest part is getting the legs to work.
Thanks for stopping by.....

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