Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Monday Fun Filled Crafting With Friends

Hello all,
I caught up with some wonderful friends on Monday and we had the best time doing make and takes and giggling, lots of giggling.  It has been quite a while since I have been able to catch up with the girls as I had Tafe and no spare time to go to one of the Stampin' Up days, until now, that is.  Such wonderful positive energy and gushing over products that you are not trying to sell to anyone, just gushing!!!  So I bet you would like to see what we made, now I was feeling very rushed for no particular reason and made lots of mistakes on my cards but I am not going to point them out, just want you to know, lol.
So the first card:
 This gorgeous certainly celery, pink pirouette card is by Heather (loving those colours together)
 Lovely simple technical (blocking) card by Jo (name on my list of friends to the right)
 Another lovely card by Robyn (blog on the sidebar), love this paper so much but also saw the spice dsp from the mini catalogue and absolutely love that!
 And Julia, fearless leader that she is (her blog on the sidebar)
 And the inside
And last but not least (where I found out how gorgeous the dsp is) is Gordie's card.  How talented are these ladies?  There were a few other girls missing in action but hopefully next time.
I am going to show you my make and take tomorrow night.  I was very impressed with it until I saw these cards but that is the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.  Don't worry I am going to have an amazing Easter 3D at the next one, I am working on it.  You are dying to see what I made now aren't you, well you will have to wait till tomorrow, hehehe......
have a lovely night and thanks for stopping by.........

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