Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines For 2012

Wow, Valentine over for the year and what a fun day.  I love Valentines, just the act of giving and I always make sure it is homemade so it is an act, not just buying for the sake of it. 
Creamy is all good by the way, survived the night and back to his usual self.  Though that goanna did rip into his beak, because he is pecking food you can really see it has come off a little more, anyway he is all good.
So tonight I am showing you some not pads I decorated with pens on the side.

I actually received a smaller version at Regionals a couple of years ago and only finally got around to making these ones.  Such cute little presents to give for no particular reason, hehehe.
I just measured my book and cut out the card, leaving enough room to turn over at the back and then decorated the front using the top note die, big shot and Vintage vogue stamp set.  Then I cut a little extra card to wrap around the pen and adhere to the back of the book.  I did cut some extra card then (and using the same border  punch) scalloped the edge so the back and front matched.  Sorry, I didn't take a picture of this!
Happy Valentines again and thanks for stopping by.....


  1. Happy Valentine's Day! These little note pads are so pretty! I have to say that I do enjoy making these and they do make nice gifts!

  2. Good news that Creamy is on the mend! These notebooks look great. Probably should use that set more often myself. xx