Thursday, December 20, 2012

Reindeer Punch Art

I know, I was going to post every day till Christmas and then a visit to a friend got in the way!!!!  But on to today's project...  I made some punch art Reindeer's that are on numerous sites and so easy to make, love them, they are just so cute
 Mainly made with the owl punch except for the horns which are the leaves from the bird punch and I drew on the mouth.
 A close up of the Reindeer face and of course I picked out the one face that had a wonky eye (trust me, lol)
 A close up of the bag and there is a very cute poem on the net but unfortunately my printer is playing up and I couldn't print it.  I was making lots so didn't feel like hand writing that many..
And here are all my little bags for some work mates.
Thanks for stopping by......

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