Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
Thank you so much for checking in and seeing what I have been up to (I know it hasn't been much lately but you never know what the New Year has install for you!!!)  I hope you had or are having a lovely day.  We did, it was all about family and I love that.
So what have I got to show you.... I know tomorrow (even though Christmas is over) I will show you what Angie and I gave each other..... but for today... some Christmas ornaments for the tree...
 These are so easy to do and you can pretty much do them with any punch and as thick as you like
 I made similar ones for Halloween, lots of fun to make (sorry about the blurry photo)
 Yes, another blurry photo but a tree ornament, not sure if this is how it should look but at least I tried.
 A pinwheel that I added ribbon to.
And lastly some fortune tellers (love these things) and again I put some ribbon on them and straight to the tree.
Make sure you pop in for a long post tomorrow....
Merry Christmas again and have fun...

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  1. Bet your tree looked a treat with all those cool ornaments!