Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Post Christmas Gifts

Yes I know, I am officially the worst.  I keep saying I will get on here and post every day and I don't, truly I don't know where the time goes.   But I did try and post last night but my camera needed charging so I am sorry but I had to do that today and so here I am.
So I told you I would show you what I received from Angie and what I sent her and here it is....
 This is what Angie gave me and I was so surprised, love opening handmade gifts.  Sorry the photo is a little blurry but I do have individual photos
 A very cute card and of course I forgot to send Angie one (mainly because the world is about me, me and me, lol)
 Not a great picture of the box but I love it
 And of course she cased Becky Roberts and I am so glad she did as I have been wanting to make these and didn't, so thank you so much Ange
 I had to show you a pic with the light on, so cute!
 Yet another blurry photo but the next one is better
 Yes that is right, she sent a box full of Christmas lollies, how lovely is that...
 Oh my, I get a Stampin' Up rubbish bin, I scored big time, thank you so much for making my Christmas that little bit more special Ange x
 Now this is what I sent Ange, I know, it pails in comparison but you have to remember it is the thought that counts, lol.  I tried to trick her by putting it in a shortbread tree box and guess what?  She got me.  I talked to Ange a couple of days after she opened my present and she kept saying she was going to make the tree; and me having a very big blonde moment (No I am not blonde, but should be!!!) didn't get what she was referring to.  I was sitting there on the phone racking my brain trying to think of what I had given her.  I know I had given her angels so I just asked her about them and Ange does not know this;  But Christmas day the penny dropped!!!!!!!!!!!   I know, how bad is that!!!!!!!!!
 I made a box and put four angels inside and thought I would decorate with a couple of tags (don't ask me why, just thought it would be a good idea) and used dotto (which of course I didn't tell Ange and should have) so she could peel them off and re-use them.
 The tag and belly band off with the acetate lid
 One Angel and I cased this off a girl from Stampin' Connections (previously mentioned) but I am still unable to find her name - it will happen.  This time I actually put her collar on (seeing it was for Ange) which did dress the angels up
 Oh I forgot to mention that I used the scallop edge on the green/white angel and on this blue one I used my favourite, scallop trim border.  Sorry, the photo did not show it up as well as I hoped!
 I was proud of myself for lining my box, just for something else!
 Oh, here you go, I have tried to show you the scallop trimming.
 Love this box, quick and easy to make with a little tag (I tried to make sure everything was matching)
 And I had to put some chocolates in there, ummmmmm
 Even though this is the hottest, driest time I can remember, I sent Ange some hot chocolate, though Santa did get hot chocolate in our house too.
 A close up of my little ornament and blinge at the bottom of it.....
And last but not least a little box with some malteezers in there.  I will give you directions on all these.  This box is my next favourite thing and I will be making these for Valentine's day, so sweet.
Well, thank you for popping by and tomorrow I will show you what we gave the teachers.....

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  1. Loved it all honey! I think we both did ok with our gifts!
    I figured you may have missed out on the bins -
    Angie xx