Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Secret Sister Gift I Sent

Good afternoon,
Yes, I am posting early, just trying to do a little craft for a class I hope to do, for teacher gifts.  But I thought I would quickly show you what I made for my secret sister, Naomi Whittaker.
Naomi loves purple so I tried to get as much purple in there as possible, all different shades of it.  If there is anything you want instructions for, just let me know.

A Christmas card and milk carton with, yes you guessed it, purple mentos.
A Halloween pizza box with some goodies inside

A card, which I will show you in a minute, these pegs have magnetic tape on the back so they can attach to the fridge

The outside and the inside of the card and now on to something just for Naomi:
This has a notebook, telephone message pad and pen inside so she can leave it by the phone.  I don't know about you but I am always looking for something to write on, thank goodness for cordless telephones.

How cute are these flowers, they are just a scallop square punch folded up a few times to make an iris (think that is what they were, lol.  I will show you another time, on something else).
And that was my bundle.  Thanks for stopping by,
have a lovely week......

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  1. Awesome gifts .......what a lucky sister!!!!
    Love your ghosts on the card. xx