Monday, October 17, 2011

How About A Batty Halloween

What a day we had today! Absolutely beautiful yesterday where the kids were in the pool all day to being cold and miserable today, weird!  And my throat is starting to get sore, so maybe a lovely cold/flu to go with it.  But back to the main reason we are here.  My Batty gift pouch that I cased from my cyber friend Becky, love everything she makes and have bought a couple of tutorials but went back years on her blog and found this cute little chocolate holder, or whatever else you like to call it, for me, it is a chocolate holder!!!!
Oh, the bat punch came paper punch addiction and I will let you know how to do that as well.
How super cute is this inside??  I absolutely love it!.  So first to let you know how to make the holder:
6 1/2" x 3 1/2" elegant eggplant   scored 3", 3 1/2"  fold on score lines to form the cover
7" x 5 1/2" dsp - Frightful sight.   On 7 " side score 2" in from both sides.  Adhere overlapping part.  Use 1 1/4" punch and punch 1/2 circle from centre on both ends, just as above.
Centre paper lengthwise on inside of card book and punch 2 1/16" holes through both layers (about 1") apart.
Thread cord or in my case, ribbon through holes and tie a knot.
Attach ribbon to outside of cover and decorate.
Now for the Bat:
Ornament punch with the top cut off - for the body
2 x lge ovals and using 3/4" punch half circles to form wings
2 petals of 5 petal punch for the ears
1/2" circle punch for the face - you can't see it, but it is on there.
tip of one pink petal for nose, though I just cut a small piece myself
If you have the star punch cut two tips for his fangs, again I just cut the shape (one of the few punches I don't have).
2 lge circles from owl punch and shape into tear drop.
You can see from the picture how to put together and the bat is such a quick one to make.
thanks for stopping by, have a lovely night......


  1. This is so stinkin' cute! I'm with you, a chocolate holder! Hope you are feeling better and not getting the flu. Take care!

  2. I love this Theresa, just love the texture and the bat of course :) Debi x