Saturday, August 6, 2011

Yet Another Box of Cards

Yes, I have another box for cards, there are so many out there and I'm loving it.  I love to give lots of little presents and this is just perfect to me.  I found this one on you tube (jacque1263), I did go through a fun stage of sitting on there, lasted for a week!  So here is the box;

I know, you would think I would use the stamp-a-magic (he he) and get it straight but I'm in too much of a rush these days.  I friend of mine is playing with black (Angie, on the side bar) and she gave me the inspiration for the cards that I will show you tomorrow!!!
Anyway back to the for a couple of quick instructions.  On thing I have to tell you first, is I ended up cutting half a 3/4" circle in the lid for easier lifting.
12" x 8" card      score  (8)  1" and 7"
                                      (12)   1",5 1/2", 6 1/2" and 11"
Make as per normal box - cut all score marks and tape down, you will automatically have a lid and bottom at the end.  If not e-mail me and I will give more detailed instructions.  Then decorate your box, I liked my decorations until I made the cards (you will have to wait to see what I mean)
Have a great day........

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