Monday, August 22, 2011

Card in a Box

Hi everyone,
We made a gorgeous (I know everything is gorgeous or cute!!!, but they are) box over at Crafter's Anonymous, don't worry one more thing that I still have to finish and then I am up to date on the Monday nights!!!
So anyway, we made this box that opens up and a long sheet of card comes out that you can write on or just illustrate, up to you.  And the best part is, you can add a little gift on top of it like chocolate or something else!!  I made two as I thought I had destroyed one and that is the beauty of craft, you never really have!!  See if you know what I mean....

My first one, keeping in with the browns and blues, love those colours...  And one of my all time favourite stamp sets - Baroque motifs

And my second one, keeping up with the kids though my front looks like a clown when you look at it from a distance!  Love the bugs and kisses stamp set so I had to use it.  I need to go through my sets of stamps and see what we aren't using anymore, they are all my favourites so I am putting it off.  I don't want to put them away for use later and I definitely can't sell them.  Love my stamp sets.
have a lovely day for the rest of it.....


  1. They both turned out great !!!! for a minute I thought I'd missed a class...then I remembered I made it in CC..haha!!! I love your first one best. xx

  2. Wow a great project. It's like a card and a gift in one.

  3. Gorgeous and I so love Bugs and Kisses! Very clever little projects these two.