Sunday, July 24, 2011

Party Favor Cones

Good evening,
  Yes I have managed to do a little craft today!  Well, actually, these were started a couple of weeks ago but not finished.  I had been trying to come up with some great party favor for this anniversary and I was telling a girlfriend and she said why don't you get a pce of 6" x 6" and roll to a cone and add ribbon.  Meanwhile I was trying to be all exotic and do something so out there; but easy is a good way to go, and it was, so thanks Tracey.
  Anyway one of my sisters said she would help, I bet she regretted that!  I was terrible to her.  We were rolling and placing tape on the edge to get it together (she is not a super crafty person, arty, but not crafty) and I should have taken a picture for you.  (Being modest of course) mine were all just the right size and shape and my sisters, well, they were all over the place, a really tight one to a really big one.  Sounds like Goldilocks and the three bears.  Anyway my poor sister took it so well.  She said no one would notice and what did it matter as she was helping me.  I said I didn't need her help if that is how she was going to make things and that she needed to be neater!!! (Don't worry, it didn't end in tears, we do this to each other all the time).  But when I show you the photo you will wonder what I was carrying on about because she was right, you can't tell! Or maybe you can, but it doesn't matter!!
See, all of them together and you can not tell what size they all are, though I better make sure Mum gets the biggest one.  I want to fill them all with sugar coated almonds, her favourite.
I used this sentiment that I got from the states (the fairy stamp set) and just used half of the words, as it is all a bit of magic!
And just a couple on there own so you may be able to see better.
Stamp set:  Retired, so I won't tease you(maybe I already have so sorry about that)
Card:  dsp - soft subtles, very vanilla
Ink:  Chocolate chip, pretty in pink (sponging)
Acc:  Ribbon and glue dots
Have a lovely week, though I will try harder to do more posts.....

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  1. They are gorgeous......and you can only notice cause you mentioned are handcrafted so they are not meant to be all perfect (one for your sis...)xx