Sunday, July 17, 2011

Father's Day Already!!

Hi everyone,
  I had a couple of friends over today and had a lovely time chatting, sorry I did think to take photos but didn't.  Next time.... because we had a feast, all low fat off course.  So Father's Day is September and that is going to come around so quick, so I thought we would make a little project I found a while back and I am sorry but I didn't write down details of who I got this from, so please forgive me, but when I find you again, I will make a reference.  But here is this cute patchwork easel card, which I thought would be great with a photo as it is Father's Day, and they need something to look at on their desk.
Without a photo and also made with different dsp, this one is play date.
Do you like the photo, just gorgeous isn't it.  His idea, not mine, but I love it.  I love all mini albums and little projects like this all over the place.  This one used play date dsp as well.
So you need 4" x 8" card    scored at 2" and 4", not that you can see it in the photo. 
                     4" x 4: card same colour for putting your patchwork on and attaching to 2" piece.
                     3 6/8" x 3 6/8" very vanilla/whisper white for matting and writing on
                     16 pces of 1" x 1" pces for patchwork, using two different dsp for contrast
                     brad or button to keep easel sitting up
I am just showing you the card with the matting down and the card folded ready to put the top on.  Make sure you line up the two bottoms together as the top is 4" x 4" and so is the card.  Hope that makes sense!
This is my patchwork ready to be stuck down.  I like to put it down first and then change it if I don't like what I see.
So hopefully you will have as much fun making these as I did.  I will start to post some Father's Day cards etc, as it is amazing how quickly that creeps up on us.
Have a great night....

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