Thursday, December 16, 2010

Raindeer Poop

Yes that is right, it is afternoon, we lost power last night from five till ten today, grrrrrrrrr.  Anyway we have power now and that is all that counts.
So who is for some raindeer poop?  And who wants the poem?
Raindeer Poop
Santa's been making a list and checkin' it twice,
He knows that you've been naughty - NOT nice....
So here's the scoop,
Santa has left you Reindeer Poop!
No stamp sets used
Punches, Two-step owl extra lge, Two-step bird extra lge, top note die (everyone needs a big shot).
black marking pen for the mouth.
There are lots of versions of the raindeer out there and it is fun checking them all out.
Have a great afternoon.
ps  I will get my photos worked out eventually, sorry

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