Friday, April 13, 2012

Sick As A Dog

We are still on school holidays which ends this week and it has been lovely.  Before Easter one of my brothers was outside doing some work at Mum and Dad's and tried to chop one of his fingers off.  He was actually hammering in some stacks and got distracted and lucky for him (even though he had a very squashed finger) the doctors managed to stitch the top of his finger back on.  My lovely son and I felt so sorry for him, we are very lucky in our family and don't end up with many injuries, that we decided to make him a little gift and a card.  So I jumped on the net (as you do) looking for something appropriate.  I found this very cute dog that I cased from Rhea Anderson.  So I made a card and a pouch to put chocolate in.  Yes chocolate is a cure for everything!  So here it is......
 A decorated block of chocolate and card...
 Ohhhhh, my little dog looks sad doesn't he.....
 Wanted to give you a close up.....
 And the cute card with his doggie tag around him.....
 Just kept the inside plain with a bit of sponging, into the sponging at the moment....
 And look how cute this card is.  I love it, sponged all over the front.  He doesn't like it but I told him it was very artistic....
And the inside, I was very impressed with his efforts....
I am just going to write down all the punches I used for the puppy.
Tongue and Nose    -    1/4" circle  red/black
Eye                          -    1/2" circle    white
Black part of eye     -    1/4" circle    yes, black
Eyelids                    -     3/4" circle  cut in half and the colour of the dog which is chocolate chip
Ears                         -     Word window punch   chocolate chip
Stomach                  -      Lge oval    kraft/soft suede
Body                       -      Wide oval    chocolate chip
legs                         -       sml oval      chocolate chip
Head                       -     1 3/4" circle   chocolate chip
Mouth                     -     lge oval cut and rounded off   kraft/soft suede
Inside of mouth      -     a bit of a petal from 5 petal flower punch
I added the smallest circle from the crop-a-dial for his tongue

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  1. Love it and so cute - bet your brother felt better after some chocolate !