Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter
Wow, how quickly has that crept up on us.  Wishing everyone a LOVELY, HAPPY AND SAFE DAY.  I had the best day with my family.  Cleaned last night and then cooked from 5.30 this morning until my family started arriving at 9am.  It was great, managed to get everything made, so we had brunch first and then lunch.  But I have something special to show you that a good friend, showed me yesterday.   I like to think I am a good baker but I had sponge making lessons and it was great.  Here is my first picture, just out of the oven....
I was so impressed, how high is this!!!!!!  I made sure everyone saw it.  And now on to the decorated version.....
I know what you are thinking!  Very plain, but hey, I had spent all morning cooking and this is the best I could muster.  I promise it will be better next time.  So this is what made my day, my first ever homemade sponge.
Happy Easter xx


  1. Wow good for you. I've never baked a sponge before so would love whatever little tips you picked up during your lesson. Nothing wrong with a plain sponge, it looks great and I bet it tasted it too.