Monday, April 23, 2012

Finally, A Catch Up Day With Friends

Well as promised I have something different for you.  I caught up with a few Stampin' Up friends (demonstrators) today and it was so great, love crafting with friends.  We always do a make n' take for each other so that is what I am going to show you.
Oh I have to tell you, the dingoes are out tonight!  They are just howling away out there, I was only saying to my family that they haven't been around for awhile.  What worries me is our chickens.  They are penned up in a high fenced area but I don't lock them in their cage anymore so they can get out any time in the morning.  It should be secure enough but I think I will start to lock them up, I would hate anything to happen to them.  It is just that howling that gets to me!
Anyway, on to the cards we made today, well, mine is 3d, yeah I finally changed from cards........
 This is one from Julia, which I love.  I don't have this stamp set but I so love those words.  Julia is very vintage and I always love seeing what she has come up with and am amazed at myself when it doesn't turn out too badly!!
 This is Robyn's one page wonder with a card created above, had so much fun doing this and we even used the scented embossing powder which had us sniffing up a storm - vanilla, so nice
 This is the rest of the page and I will let you wait and see what I have done with it tomorrow.  I just finished making the last of the cards and you won't believe it but none of them are cased!!!  Don't get disappointed, please, hehehe
 And this is my 3D box to hold cards etc in.  Wouldn't it be a lovely teacher appreciation gift.  I have made this top one for Mother's day.
 I ran out of pink brads but I love the elegant lines embossing folder on this one.  I cased this one from Craft Project Central by Sharon Burkert.  I am pretty sure it was a free tutorial but if you can't find it and would like to make it, just let me know and I will give you the instructions.
And last but not least is a fan designed by the very clever Heather and unfortunately she does not have a blog but I am sure she will soon.
thank you for stopping by and see you tomorrow......

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