Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Last Minute Easter Chick

Hello,   I was going to post this in the morning but I still have a couple of Easter projects to show you so I thought I better put it up tonight.  Only a few more days to go till Easter and we're all busy trying to make our last minute homemade gifts.  Well this one is definitely for you.  It is so easy and quick to make.  And everyone loves them.  I saw these on Frenchie stamps where she just adhered a chocolate in between the front and back.  Whereas I have made a little box as well, just so I can fit a couple of extra treats:
My cute little yellow ones, now how gorgeous are they.  But wait, I have pink:

I love my little pink ones, so sweet.  And here they are all together:

They do look a bit stunned, and you can add eyelids, I just thought they looked cool without them.  So here are my instructions:

The box:
61/2" x 21/2"  scored at 1", 23/4".33/4" and 51/2"
                                      11/2"  Cut as above picture and place tape where indicated.  I will show you another picture in a minute with the card turned over and taped.
2 x extra large scallop circle punch sponged
1 x scallop circle punch cut in quarters and sponged (only need 2 x 1/4)
3 x yellow boho blossoms  (2 for feet and 1 for head, I used a couple of different ones for his head as you can see with the photo, so choose which one you like) sponged.
The beak I cut a folded triangle, sponged.
The eyes are white from the owl punch and the black is from the large punch on the crop-a-dial.  My eyes change a lot, just go with what I feel at the time.

This is the tape on the opposite side, just so there is no confusion.

Putting my little chicks together...

Have put the back on and then I will put the front on.  For the last couple of boxes I did end up putting his feet on first, just see how you go.

And the last shot of them all together....

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