Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chocolate Bunny Box

Good morning,
  I have had this box for a while now and couldn't wait to show you.  We had a swap over at Crafters Anonymous and it was a box or bag and Chocolate (with a capital C) and a card to match.  Well I got Kerry Bunting and was a bit intimidated.  I love her work and was worried, have a look WHY  I love her work.  So I probably sabotaged myself before I started.  But I do love my bunny.
Isn't he just adorable!  I cased him from Tammy, dream, create and share, Tammy has such a lovely blog so you will have to check it out.  So here are all the pieces needed:

So the pieces are:
2    -  Top note die pieces
4    -  Wide oval punches
2    -  3/4" black circle  (I have yet to buy that one, so I use a couple of circles from the owl punch)
2    -   Large ovals - pink
2    -   Large ovals - brown
1    -   Heart shape  (heart to heart)
2    -   13/8" circles - brown
1    -   1" circle - brown
2    -   3/4" circles - pink
2    -   1/2" circles - pink
4    -   1/4" circles - pink
81/2" x 41/4"   scored  (41/4")   1" from each side
                       scored  (81/2")   31/2" from each side
Make your box by cutting the centre flaps and adhering adhesive to put together.  Tape is placed on the picture above for the box, so just refer to the photo.

I have sponged all he edges and put them together so you can see what needs to be done.  Now just put all pieces onto the box and top note.  Tammy had put a ribbon on the box near his ear as well.   She has a great tutorial if you need more information
Tomorrow I have another Easter surprise for you.  It is another swap and I am not sure how I am going to get it to her!!!
Have a lovely day/night.....


  1. I love your bunny box too! He is soooooo cute! Thanks for making me such a gorgeous chocolate delight. (PS I am really not intimidating!)

  2. OMGosh Theresa, this is darling!!! You are the best at making the cutest projects! Thanks for the showing the tutorial pictures too!