Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chickie Easter Box

Good morning,
  Getting closer to Easter, how exciting!  Though I must say, I have eaten my fill of chocolate.  I am going to see if I can not eat chocolate till Easter Sunday now....... (this will be very interesting, anyone that knows me well, will be laughing right about now!!)  You have to at least try!!
  So anyone, as promised I have this most gorgeous chick box, that I am giving as a swap but I don't know when!  And I thought you might like to make it seeing it is so cute:
So this is what I am giving to my friend...
And these are all the pieces

Box is  81/2" x 41/4"   score  (41/4")  1" from ea side
                                   score (81/2")  31/2" from ea side
Cut the middle side flaps as above, add tape as shown, and attach box  (same as the bunny box)
2  x   top notes
1  x  full heart punch   (scored on two sides to form a beak)
1  x  1" circle  yellow (as above)  for the eye lids, so cut in half
2  x  1" circle  white  eyes
2  x  3/4"  circle  black for eye balls
Cut 3/4 of five petal flower punch for his feathers standing up at the back
1  x  scallop circle punch  cut in half for his wings

Sponge all pieces in either a similar colour or chocolate chip (could be a dirty chicken, lol).  Place tape or dimensional on all pieces as I have shown (ready to assemble)

This is my little chickie with his face, though he still needs his hair and wings....

Little chickie ready to rock and roll.  And here is a side view:
So easy to make.  Tammy from Dream, Create and Share has a great tutorial if my instructions are a little hard to understand.
Have a nice day.....

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