Saturday, April 2, 2011

Flip Flop Album

Hello everyone,
  I could not decide what to post today.  I have been busy making lots of different bags to show you and then I realised I have to make some more Easter creations (have to get onto that one).  But I thought I would share one of those things that my sister really loves. By the way she loves the briefcase I just did for the Just Add Ink Challenge (oh yeah!!).  She is very hard to please - everything has to be very useful and not too overdone!  Lucky she never looks at my blog LOL.
  Anyway onto the flip flop, which is also one of my all time favourites:
Sorry, there are no photo's yet, they are all still on my camera.  But I love to have photo on the front cover, so you know what your album is about (for me anyway!)
Just as you open the cover, but don't worry, there is more......

See, now how great is this.  You can fit so many photos in here (lots of 6 x 4) and lots on the tabs (both sides) and of course I love to put tags in all my photos so I can tell a story as well.

Here is one I did earlier, like, a lot earlier.  Can't believe time goes that quickly.

Like I said, I love tags, I love to tell a story and think there can never be enough writing!!  The flip flop is great.  When you are putting it together you start from both ends and flip one side, flop the other until you come into the middle.  At the very beginning, before you put on the dsp just squash the book together (you will see what I mean when you go to make it).  Don't worry if it doesn't seem to sit right, because when you have dsp and photo's on, you don't even notice anything but how spectacular it looks!
Just going to give you some quick instructions but if you ever want me to do a tutorial, just ask.
8 pieces of card  6" x 12"
         score 1 piece at    21/2", 3", 9" and 91/2"
         score 7 pieces at   3" and 9"
7 pieces dsp  51/2" square

Adhere 7 pieces of card together at 3" fold so two pieces are together and so on.
On your last piece at the 21/2" fold use your slot punch or similar punch, to punch holes in the middle so the ribbon can go through.  Then attach your ribbon and stick your cover to the rest of the book.
Adhere dsp to middle pieces.
Decorate and add photos.
This book has been around for ages but I never tire of seeing it on blogs.
Card:  Bashful blue, not quite navy pear pizazz, river rock and dsp - celebrations
Acc:  River rock ribbon (retired)

Have a lovely evening....

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