Friday, April 15, 2011

Chocolate Easter Bunny Card

Good morning,
  Like I said, I found my pictures of the card I sent to Kerry, so I thought I would show you and give a few instructions.  You won't believe this, but my printer is playing up and I have had to write out instructions.  And I always write the name of the site I find but I didn't this time @?3./.@#>#?>#?@.  Don't worry I will look and eventually find it!  Then I will let you know asap.  Oh I'm so mad at myself.  But here it is:
Unfortunately, I didn't take one of the card on it's own.  Here is the inside

The little tag says 'to open', just so it gives a hint to pull the arm!!
Anyway, here are some quick instructions,
51/2" x 81/2"  score in half  (41.4")   card base
4" x 51/4"    card (for front)   Need to cut 13/4" hole to put Sweet treat cup in or use your full heart punch.
                    Push punch all the way in, in the centre.  Easy when using the circle as I just put the 4 x 51/4
                    over the card and punched a 11/4" hole so I could put my lollies in.  With the heart, you will
                    have to mark it, so you can get it right!  Still use the 11/4" to punch hole though
21/2" x 33/4"  card for slider
The body is made with a 21/2" round punch if you have it, I used the circle scissor and punched out the middle with 13/4".  Would love the 21/2" punch though, anything for ease!!!  This piece gets put over the sweet treat cup as his body.
2 x sml oval pink!  (inside of ears)
2 x lge oval  (ears)
2 x full heart  (one for face and one for feet  -  cut the feet one in half and there you have it)
2 x modern label punch  (arms -  on one you need to cut a little off, it is the left hand and needs to fit under his tummy - with the curved bits, it doesn't work to well)
heart to heart in pumpkin pie or orange (for his carrot)  little heart x 3 for the leaves coming out of the carrot.
2 x 1/4" circle for eyes
2 x black pupils (used the owl punch for this)
So some quick instructions:
Put treat cup in 4 x 51/4 piece, place body over (you can have glue or tape on it but don't stick it down till you put feet and arm under him)
Place his feet under body, and put three little pink hearts or circles on for pads of his feet.
Place the cut label punch (left) under the body and bring up to sweet treat cup, using a glue dot to stick down.
Make your carrot by gluing three sml green hearts to the top of the orange heart, nip the green hearts to look leafy.  Stick to modern label which will be one of his arms and put aside.
Make his ears and attach to the back of the heart and then make his face and put on the card.
Draw his whiskers and using a white gel pen on his pupils.
Using dimensional on each corner of the matting, place on your card.
Slide in the slider, with arm attached and pull his arm over to the sweet treat cup (using dotto to stick, so that it can keep coming off).
Now for the inside of the card:
Scallop over the hole (with a hole cup out)
and a tag with instructions Got treats stamp set (my favourite, even though I have heaps of favourites I love this one)
If you would like me to do up a picture tutorial I will.  I will spend the next couple of days looking for the blog, so sorry about that.
Have a great day,  tomorrow I will show you Robyn's pressie, hopefully I will get to her today....
Thanks for stopping by....


  1. They are very cute and I love them! Hope you don't mind if I use your photos to show these lovelies on my blog too Theresa? Roll on Easter!

  2. A bunny with a tummy,
    full of lollies, what more could we want!!!