Monday, April 11, 2011

And Another Purse

  Yes another cute little purse cased yet again from Patti Lee.  I made this one in two sizes, even though I loved the small one, I wanted one a little bigger as well, so lets go.

So this is the two different sizes.  You can see the small one is pretty tiny.  I love these bags.  Once on Stamping connections (a Stampin'Up site, there was a gorgeous box that one of the girls had put up that folded down.  Don't worry I tried to get the instructions but alas.....)
Anyway, I'll give you some quick instructions but Patti has a more detailed tutorial on her site.
1 piece of dsp  4" x 4"    scored  15/8" and 2 3/8" turn and
                                      score  3/4" on both sides
2 pieces of card  21/2" x 1"  scored in half
2 round tab punches in card  for tabs to hold purse together
2 pieces 1/4" x 6" card for handles
  Fold the dsp on the score lines (like the purse from yesterday 10.4.11) and place tape on the four edges to keep the sides down.
  Take your two pieces of 21/2 x 1 card and make two little slits in the score line towards the edges for the handles (exactly the same as yesterday).  Place your thin strips of card (handles) through the slits and tape down and on the two sides ready to stick to dsp.  Once you have your card on both sides over the dsp add your round tab punches to both sides and add a velcro dot.  Decorate.  If you need me to do a tutorial for you just let me know.
Now the larger one is:
1 piece of desp 8" x 8"      scored at 33/8" and 4 6/8"  and turn
                                         score at 11/2" both ends
2 pieces 5" x 2"                 score 2" side in half
2 round tab punch
2 pieces 1/4" x 81/4" card for the handles.
So everything is a little larger and I love this size the best
Have a lovely day/night......

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  1. WOW Theresa, so many projects, you've been so very busy!!! They are all so lovely!!