Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tags for a Bag

I am back, sorry I have just been that busy organising soccer, school and jobs but I feel like I can finally get some craft done.  I am showing you something today that I finished previously, just have not had the time to blog so here it is.....

I have shown you the little bag before but I made the tags to go inside.  I am making my little store of gifts so I have something to always to give to friends.  I just like to be organised and truly it is working.  Tomorrow I will show you a punch art box.  I really need to get into Easter but found these adorable boxes and had to make them, so stay tuned for tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day....


  1. welcome back..........what a cute project.

  2. Such a busy stamper you have been! Adorable tags! With all that you have been doing, I'm impressed with all the tags you have made! Great job!

  3. Things like this are very special and are given to very special people. I love the idea of this fancy box because it is very unique and the tag makes it even better. Thank you for this post and inspiration.
    The London Fancy Box