Monday, March 5, 2012

Pinata Birthday Cake & A Selection of tags for a Box

Yes, I have been slack again, I have just taken on a couple of extra jobs, secretary at soccer and fundraising committee at school so I have lost the time to put into crafting, don't worry, I will and I still have a couple of things already made that I have to show you.  On the weekend we had a couple of different parties and one of them was a family party that I made this cake for.  I search the net on how to make the dome part and really thought it wouldn't come off but it did.  The only trouble is I had to transport it and that was all good until we turned on the air conditioner in the car and the roof caved in!!!!  Oh no, now everyone could see inside, very disappointed but it was still a very big hit.  The next time I wouldn't put a cake in there as well as they were really not interested AT ALL.
 The cake with all the lollies piled high ready for the dome....
The cake, truly, everyone has to make one at least once, the kids absolutely loved it.
 This is a little box I made a while ago and my big thing this year is about making cards etc to go inside so I can use them for little gifts
 Simple little tags....
 Some butterfly tags......
 And some little note cards ready to be written on....
My box with everything inside it.....
Hope you are having a lovely night/day, thanks for stopping by.........


  1. Love that cake baby .... very non fattening I see...LOL xx

  2. Wow you're one busy bee! I remember heading up the fundraising committee at preschool - yell out if you want any ideas.

    That cake - OMG awesome! It looks amazing. Yummo!

    Love your idea of little gift boxes filled with tags - such a great gift for those who don't do the creative thing.