Monday, March 19, 2012

Circles, Circles, A Bag and A Card!

Oh my, I was just watching Revenge, and gee that show keeps you on the edge of your seat.  Don't worry I was cleaning as well, lol.  So tonight I wanted to show you what I made for a party, Julie, who was holding the party, wanted to make a bag out of the catty so I made a template of one and cased a circles card from Becky Roberts (fell in love with it when I saw it) and here it is......
 I so love these circles and will be doing more.  This is one type of bag we did.
 And this was a case from the Catty but I actually like the one above more.
 The card to go with it...
 A close up of the flowers seeing I love them so much
And the two together.  Sorry, I haven't written down all the details of the products I have used but just let me know if you would like them.  I will get back into putting it up, and if you would like the template of the bag just let me know.
Thanks for stopping by.........

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  1. I love circles and this project turned out perfectly! Beautifully done,Theresa!