Monday, March 26, 2012

A Bunny Or Not A Bunny, That Is The Question??

I don't know what to post today.  Oh I just remembered, I told a friend that I would show her what my son and I made the other day, Easter, he was getting all upset because he couldn't get it perfect.  Truly you will not be able to tell which one he made but he went off to his room crying.  When he calmed down he came back out to finish it off, I think I have a perfectionist on my hands!!! Ohhh I don't think that is very good with craft, as I don't think anything can be perfect and how often do you look at something and think you could have done better!  Anyway here is what we made.... Umm, just give me a sec, it is still on my camera!!
 This is his that he didn't like, I think it is so sweet.....
 This is another one he did and one I did, both those are down the bottom.  (He actually didn't like the whiskers!!)
 This is the backs of them which we did a bit differently.  I have previously made these bunnies here.  Sorry, I just went looking for it and couldn't find my post so I will put it up as soon as I find it.
And the little chicks were made here with the directions for the boxes.
Card:  Chocolate chip, pretty in pink, whisper white and basic black.
Ink:  Journal pen
Tools:  1 3/4" circle, lge oval, sml oval, 1/2" circle, 1 1/4" oval and, eyes and nose are from 2 step owl punch.
thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day....


  1. Young J.R is a great little crafter and his bunny is proof of it. Lv S

  2. They are mega cute - love the backsides...hehehe especially after I have all the chocolate!!! Tell him I loved them!
    Angie xx