Sunday, March 18, 2012

Monkey Face Fancy Box and Card

Another punch art by Beth again and just as adorable though I don't know if mine really captures how cute he is.  Again she has the instructions on her blog and easy to follow....

 I didn't know what salutation to use so I haven't put one on the card yet.  I'll wait and see what I need it for later down the track.
And the gift set altogether.  I'm really loving making the card to go with the box or bag.
Another quick post again today.  Tomorrow I'll show you what we did at a party I did a while ago.
Thanks for stopping by........


  1. When giving a gift to someone, I think it is best to give it in a luxury or fancy box. This is a very good idea because it is easy, cheap and the children will love it. Thank you for this post and inspiration.
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