Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Forgotten Bat

I meant to put this at the bottom of my post but my son was very distressed that I had forgotten to show you his bat.  I will have a few things to show you of his as well seeing he was working with Sonja and I.  So here is his little creation - all by himself - very proud he was.

See I just had to show you.  He even put a mouth on his.  I also had to show you a photo of the whole group of them, as he took this photo.  I told him he should have put his at the front but he was very happy to have his at the back!!!!!!!!!!
thanks for looking.....


  1. Ohh your son has obviously picked up your creative talent!! Such a scary bat!!!!

  2. How adorable are these bats! Creativity runs in the family very obviously, great job J!