Sunday, September 25, 2011

Finally Halloween Pumpkins

Good evening,
I know, I'm slack, but you will be happy to know, I have been working hard and trying to make heaps and I have.  Tonight I have the really cute Halloween pumpkin (lantern style) that I love.  Made heaps of them, and I will be filling them with some lollies closer to the day.
My first lot in pumpkin pie.  I forgot to write down the instructions so I went back on to you tube to find it but there were heaps on there so if you are a visual person and need to see everything happening, take your choice, truly, there are quite a few videos on how to make them!!
I think I used soft suede here.  All these pumpkins were run through the big shot with the polka dot die, gives them an extra oommmmph!!!!
Rich razelberry, how cute do these ones look.  I don't have any stamp sets with the leaves in them so I just cut thin strips of card and rolled them around a pencil.
I couldn't find my other card to make the second one so this poor little one is on his own, and I have forgotten the colour I used, how slack is that!!
All the cute little pumpkins together.  I so love these, what a great centre piece, you have to make some.....
I just know that I used 11 pieces of card cut 51/2" x 1" and using the crop-a-dial, punch a hole at each end.  At one end, pull through ribbon (think 6") and secure with a brad.  Pull up and twisting the separate card from left to right (taking turns) pull ribbon through and secure with a knot at the top and add your decorations.  Like I said, heaps of videos on you tube.
have a lovely night......


  1. too cute!!! love the soft suede ones x

  2. Love them all and I bet they would look great hung up as a banner for Halloween....Angie xx

  3. OMGosh, Theresa, this are absolutely. adorable! Love the vines on them! Another awesome 3D project from The Queen!

  4. oops... these are absolutely adorable!