Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bat Treat Cups

We had a quiet day today, crafting as per usual, must start to do some house work!!!!  I have been wanting to make these little Halloween boxes since I saw them on Patti's blog - Creations by Patti, she is unbelievable.  So I made the same as she did with the basic black and pumpkin pie.  How can anyone not love Halloween when you see all these cute creations????
I know these are not cups, but they don't look like boxes, well sort of cup/box's.

Pumpkin pie and the blurry version of basic black, think the sun was coming in at a different direction. Use petal punch to cut out 2 punches in basic black/pumpkin pie and fold up adhering the two together.  That is your box made, now punch 1 3/4" circle and cut in half.  Use a 1/2" punching along the straight edge to create wings.  Use Owl punch to make eyes and you are done.  How good would these guys look on the table, I think I'm definately going to have a Halloween party this year!
have a lovely evening......

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  1. I love these little guys.....one of the few punches I don;t have.....guess I have to add it to the list :-). xx