Friday, June 22, 2012

Swap With Angie

I am finally back, yet again and tonight I have my swap with Angie to show you.  So to recap, we had to make something to fit into these plastic cases (that we both loved) and Angie is a pretty special person so I wanted it to be special for her and that took me ages to think about what she would like.  I know she loves purple so that wasn't hard and then I saw this album on a blog (which I promise to give next time, as you probably have guessed..... it is on my table somewhere!!). Found it, stampin inspriations. I really want to make another so I will give you all the details then.  So on to my swap......
 So these are the cute zipper cases and I put in two bookmarks and an album
 This is the tag on the outside of the case and I used the newspaper print (which I love and don't use enough of)
 One bookmark - folded over with a magnet holding it together
 Sorry this photo is blurry but it has the newspaper print down the middle - just to be different to the other
 On to the album with these cute little flowers I found in a magazine.  Cut a 1" strip of dsp and cut down three quarters strips, place glue on uncut side and start to roll tightly and flatten.  That is the quick easy version
 Another semi-blurry photo where photos can be added or journal

And another picture of the finished product.  If you would like instructions just let me know but I will try and get a tutorial done up this week as I would like one for myself in a different colour, ummmm I'll surprise you with the colour.
Have a lovely weekend and I promise to post every day next week.......

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  1. Awesome - love it and that album is so cute!
    Hehehe, I look forward to a post each day next week! xx