Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Swap Present From A Friend

Evening all,
Yes, two days in a row, that hasn't happened for a while.  As promised I have this wonderful gift to show you, that Angie sent (Craft Fusion, on the side bar).  I know, I am a very spoilt girl....
 This is the plastic case that we had to put it in.  Absolutely love this, just by itself.  So stinkin' cute
 Two different post it note booklets
 A card sitting on its hinges, I should have taken a photo of the back and forgot to, sorry
 Angie's homemade note book that is oh so cute
 A telephone message pad and pen, very useful
 The lot all together, how incredibly lucky am I
The card that Angie addressed to me, so love it.
Okay, I will be posting Angie's tomorrow so hopefully in a couple of days I will show you what I made.  Just need to get to the PO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day/ night.......

1 comment:

  1. Glad you like it honey ..... It really was a challenge hey! Looking forward to seeing your take on it...we should be right now until Regional's again in November!