Saturday, January 28, 2012

Presents From Angie

Hello all,
Well finally on to the gorgeous gifts I got from Angie.  All absolutely beautiful even though they are still sitting in the box I got them in.  I know...... I know...... but I love to walk past and look at them, if I take them out then they end up all over the house.  You'll see what I mean.....
Coffee cup with punch art dog (have I told you I love punch art, mmmmmmm)
I am getting this book out today to start using it, it has the Stampin' Up material covering it, cute hey!!
Better late than never Christmas top note bag
Never get enough of seeing reindeer punch art, love it
Love this box and it was filled with 'Favourites' that we pretty much ate over a cuppa tea.
One cute tag,
And I was going to show you another but my computer doesn't like it and won't input it!!!!!!  I love it
And my stash, that is Angie's couple of things!!!!!
Thanks for stopping by and tomorrow I will start off with Valentines, so see you then.....

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  1. compared to your's it is only a couple.......LOL....I'll have to send you refills for the chocie box.