Sunday, January 22, 2012

Easter Candle and Gift Box, The Perfect Fit!

Hello to everyone on this lovely rainy day,
Well I looked through my camera and I did not take a photo of the box I gave to Angie so on to the next thing.....
 So I stamped images on a candle (which I love and it is so easy - I actually printed a couple of photos onto tissue paper and put those on the candle for my parents 50th wedding anniversary.  Yes 50 years and I think happier than they have ever been, definately more like one person anyway).  And the box is one that I made a template for, it is quite a bit bigger than using the milk carton die.  I am using it in my Valentine class (picture shown last week).
So on to this candle, it is so so easy.  Stamp your image on to tissue paper.  I stamped it just the way you see it.  Then put it on your candle and place wax paper over it (I used baking paper as it is always in my cupboard for making biscuits).  Then making sure your fingers are not in the way and using the heat gun gently melt the image on.  I have to make heaps more of these, so much fun and look how cute it looks.
Of course I had to use purple for Angie and lucky for me I bought the everybunny stamp set, which I love and will be using a lot leading up to Easter.
thanks for stopping by.......

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