Sunday, November 6, 2011

Brisbane Regionals

Hi All,
I know, missing in action, not happy about it.  Just so much going on and a couple of big presentations at Tafe are finished, so hopefully I get to craft a little more and update my blog daily again.  I will still put up that tutorial, I was going to show you last week, sorry, I did start it, but was just so sick, I couldn't finish it off.  That will be after I show you some fab pictures of Regionals.  I had the best time.  Caught up with all my buddies, that I haven't been able to see since I started my course at Tafe, miss all the Monday get-togethers now!!!  And I caught up with the infamous 'Angie'.  That was so exciting, and guess what, she is as funny in person.  Had the loveliest day with her and felt like I have known her all my life.  Gorgeous, sweetest person ever.  I also got to finally catch up with Sue Rowe, who I looked for all day at last Regionals, thankfully it only took me half a day this time.  And I also caught up with some Crafter Anonymous friends, well if they weren't before, they are now.  Like I said the best day.  I don't know what to show you first.  Today I will start at the beginning and show you what I made for Angie:

 #2 box die with soft subtle dsp and almost amethest butterflies with little tags

 I made a Christmas ornament for Angie (she loves purple and that is why I have stuck to that colour scheme) using the pumpkin instructions (I wrote up earlier)

 I had to contain myself not to show you the little book below but this was a muck up and I loved it so much, I had to give it to someone and what better person than my friend Angie.  I was making it during the holidays when Sonja was over and we cackled and cracked ourselves up over it.  I knew Angie would appreciate it!!!!!!!!
Are you impressed with everything I made her, well I was too until I saw what Angie made me (I will show you that tomorrow, OMG, OMG, I have so much to make her for Christmas.  I actually felt like I was having Christmas when I went through all her goodies today, OMG again.
I will just show you everything I made today and if I need to give you any extra instructions I will do that on another day.  Or if you would like to know anything before hand, just send me an e-mail.
Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day.  Oh you may want to see the infamous Angie, well here she is in the flesh.  I was taking the photo, so I'm not in it (still need my computer to work, so that was lucky) and she is here with Sonja who you probably feel like you know, but will talk about us tomorrow.
This is us (well Sonja and Angie having breakfast before we headed off for Regionals).  More tomorrow......
have a fun night......


  1. All are awesome......I had the best time with yourself and Sonja! Would you believe I never took one photo of what I made you...I know!!!!so if I make it again too bad...hehehe and your xmas card will have pride and place on my cards table...LOVE IT!!! xxx

  2. Oh I love all these little treats you made. Lucky Angie.