Monday, November 7, 2011

Fun Of Making For Regionals

I am home early today, instead of me being sick, my son is now.  It never rains, it pours.  So I thought I would come into the office and study but thought I would do a quick post.  What to do first???????  Mmmmmmmmmm, I will show you what I made for Sonja, would have loved to make a little more, so we could have presents on the pillow etc (we had a girlie night and had the best time - I haven't done that since I have had my son) but I was so sick leading up to it (as if you didn't know) and just had all the stuffing knocked out of me.  Hence I didn't get any time to do those extra little things.  Doesn't matter, we had the best time anyway.  I think everyone needs to have more 'girlie time' (and 'boy time' for the men) it is so nice to talk all night etc.  Now on to what I made for Sonja:

I am sure I have made this wallet before and I don't have the instructions handy, so I will make another in the next couple of weeks to let you know what they are!  I used the Letters to Santa dsp as I you can use this as a Christmas gift or birthday present.  Love this Christmas dsp, really nice in person, when you start making it up.  Instead of making cards they are note fronts, just for something different.  I like that a lot, just a bit informal.
Okay so I will see you tomorrow for my swaps that I gave, and I promise to have the instructions - punch art (oh yeah!).  Still have to show you Angie's presents she gave me and that will blow you away.
ps:  just had a look back and can't find it so I will make another to show you definately
have a lovely avo........


  1. Don't you hate how we share germs back and forth. I managed to pass mine to master 11 and now he's worse than I was. Groan.

    It's great to read that you and Angie had so much fun in Brisbane recently. Loving all the little pressies you guys made.


  2. I'm always in awe of your projects, Theresa! I know you probably get tired of me saying that but it is so true! Your creativity is incredible! I love this wallet and the belly band!