Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Suitcase/Box Set

I know, you are surprised I am posting for the second day in a row!  So am I!  But I just finished my big project and wanted to show you straight away.  I bought the tutorial from Becky Roberts years ago and have finally got around to making it.  Terrible how you buy things because you love the look of them and just don't make the time to get stuck into making it.  Well finally here it is:
 So is this a set or what!!!  It was so much fun making it.  So the suitcase (which you can't see very well in the background), four cards, two book marks, post-it note and pen.  And I wanted to make it for a male as I hardly ever do male projects and thought this would make a good one, also Fathers Day is coming up, lol.
 These two cards are the same just cut the card differently, one horizontal and the other vertical.  I only just bought this stamp set and don't know why I waited so long, such a cool set to play with.
 The next two cards are pocket ones...., threw in an extra photo (for no particular reason, hehehe)

 Two bookmarks which I think are so sweet, decided to go with the chocolate brown as the green and blue were starting to get to me.....  This is also a retired stamp set, I was looking for something small and malish and I think this branch just about covers that.
 Post-it note holder and pen with the dsp on the inside, very hard not to decorate a pen when you have done it once....
 The box opened with transparency sheets for the pocket, love the look but I don't like using it!
 Now the other side of the bag with the set.
I know I should write all the information about the recipe but again if you would like to know anything, just drop me a line.
Hope you liked it and have a lovely day/night.....

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