Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Top Note Gift Set

Wow, it has been so long and I am yet again sorry about that.  Funny how a little change in your life is really bigger than you expected.  I am trying hard to get back into my craft (unfortunately it has just taken me a while to get the time), but I was working over the weekend and yet again tonight.  Which is the reason I am posting as I have almost finished this big project that I am hoping to share tomorrow or the next day!!!
So I still have a couple of projects up my sleeve before I disappeared and it is another set.  I did manage to make quite before I went walk-about, I just haven't had the time to post.
 This is not a very clear picture but here is the set
 I cased this from Two Paper Diva's, they generally have a Freebie Friday and have posted some great tutorials.  I love giving gifts like this as they can keep on living on (if you get what I mean, lol)
 My card to match the Top Note Packet.
 I so love this box, I cased it from Brenda Quintana, while she made a Christmas box mine is just a general gift box
The whole set yet again, and for some reason this one looks clearer.  I am a little time poor again tonight but just wanted to get back on here and say hi :).  If you need any information please just let me know, or if your would like me to do a tutorial I would gladly do that too.
Anyway stay tuned over the next couple of days for what I am in the middle of making.
Have a lovely evening and thank you so much for popping on by x

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  1. great set - must say I nearly fell off my chair when I saw you have posted on your blog.....hehehe...look forward to your big project! xx