Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fox and Friends Gift Set

Hi,  I know, I have surprised you again (as well as myself) but I am working on a few projects at the moment.  I have tiles drying on my bench and three half finished projects on my table waiting for decoration.  So on to this one using the fox and friends stamp set....
 Sticking with my theme of late I have been trying to make gift sets and this is a pumpkin basket (and ideal for Halloween, lol) with a couple of 3" x 3" cards, bookmark and a couple of tags.  Sorry that my photo is blurry, they look good at the time I take them!!!
 So a close up of my little basket with retired dsp, hehehe
 A closer look at the 3" x 3" cards
And a different angle to view the set.
Instructions you ask, and yes, get in contact with me and I will give them to you or I will blog them again with instructions.  This was made a little while ago and even though I have been trying to be very good and have everything written down this one slipped on by.
Anyway, thanks for stopping by and have a great evening/day.  Have fun watching the Olympics, I know it has been in our household as much as possible......

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  1. these are adorable projects!!!!!
    awesome design and colors!!!!!